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Scripture Memory: Discipleship.

VERSE : Matthew 28:19,20

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

* * *

O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

29 November 2015

8am & 11am: Worship Service

Rev Calvin Loh (When Love Leads to Jealousy, 2 Cor 11:1-12)

6:00 pm Evening Service

Eld Chia Ah Lak (Loving God’s Word, Prov 29:18)

6 December 2015

8am & 11am: Worship Service

Rev Ho Chee Lai (The Burdens of the Ministry, 2 Cor 11:23-33)

6:00 pm Evening Service

Pastor Tan Soon Yong (Give Me Neither Poverty Nor Riches, Proverbs 30:8,9)

* * *


27th April to 5th May 2015 (Part 3)

Testimony of Wang Enzhao

I thank God for this opportunity to serve on a mission trip to Cambodia. For a long while, I felt that I did not know enough about the ministries of our church and that I hardly did my part to support the church. This trip gave me the opportunity to serve God and also learn about our partners-in-missions in Cambodia.

Initially, I doubted the effectiveness of short term missions. Many friends told me about their community-based projects in third world countries and how their service was of limited impact to the locals. Some Christians also told me that overseas missions should only be done by those who were close to the missionaries, adding that it was not my place as a “regular Christian” to do mission work. However, I found these claims to be untrue. Although we might seem to simply help the poor in Cambodia, our aim was not to relieve them of their present struggles. Instead, our goal was to direct souls to Christ through sharing the good news with non-believers in Cambodia. This gives them much more than just the relief that community involvement groups could give; it gives them the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel is a commission given to all Christians and it gave this mission trip meaning to me.

I also thank God for His grace in keeping us safe through the mission trip. The weather was sunny and hot throughout the trip, but I thank God for that as it allowed our itinerary to run smoothly. God also granted us journey mercies in keeping us mostly healthy throughout the trip. On the first day, I had diarrhoea four times, but God immediately took away the discomfort and I was completely healed by the next day. Praise God for answered prayer! I also had slight bouts of gastric attacks and nosebleeds, but there was medicine for the gastric from Aunty Pui Meng and the Department Head of Nursing in Life University also kindly took care of me. I was probably the person who had the most health problems, but I thank God for his care shown through his people.

At the lobby of the block that we stayed in, there was a café which made amazing frappuccinos for fabulous prices. Later, we found out that this was run by a Korean man with two helpers. Later, we realized that this man who joyfully served us drinks was actually a Professor at the university with Master’s degrees in IT and Divinity, and a Bachelor’s in Biology. It truly was amazing for us to realize that this high-achieving person could be so content with serving drinks and popcorn, but it later dawned upon me that this came from a genuine joy from serving God. Despite being in a foreign land, he seemed perfectly content with his lot in his service to God - this was a common trait in many Christians that we met. We also met Pastor Hor who was once a student under Rev Moses Hahn. He has several ministries involving young children around Sihanoukville. Despite facing frequent blackouts and terrible conditions in his service (his Sunday School for children was held right beside the slums on an abandoned road), he regularly exhibited joy and thanksgiving in his service to God. This was a strong rebuke to the manner in which I served – disgruntled and quick to criticize. I saw first-hand the joy which many other Christians had in their service and worship to Him which I lacked in my life, and I pray that God would change my attitude in serving Him.

I also learnt what it means to live for Christ through the examples of many others who had given up much more for Him. We met people from many diverse backgrounds who sacrificed their time and careers to serve God in Cambodia. We met a group of young Koreans in their early twenties who gave up a year of their youth to teach in Life International School, and this really made me consider my mindset. We often sing “This world is not my home; I’m just a passin’ through”, but I realized that I had not truly lived as though I were just passing through Earth and on my way to heaven. If I had kept eternity in mind, I would be less focused on doing things which satisfy me now and instead work to build up treasures in heaven! Growing up in Singapore has subtly made economic success a non-negotiable factor in my life, but the community of Christians whom I met in Cambodia set the example for me to count all things as loss in light of knowing Christ, and I thank God for this reminder to put Him first as University looms ahead.

During an early meeting, Uncle Hock Chin shared that many people would be wondering, “Why would these people come all the way here to tell me this message?” Being in Cambodia, I realized that people were noticing us as from a foreign land. Likewise, as sojourners in this world, we are ambassadors for Christ, and our personal testimonies should thus reflect Christ. Interestingly, many people were interested in how our faiths impacted and shaped us, and this made me reflect on whether I had lived my life for Christ. Memories of victory of sin and grace shown to me by God were evidences of Jesus in my life, and I realized that these experiences resonated most with the Cambodians. Sharing God’s Word was one thing, but what really struck me was the importance of having a testimony to share with others.

All in all, I thank God for this chance to serve Him in a foreign land. He showed us much grace while we were there in keeping the weather fine and granting us good health – things we often take for granted. Also, he had taught me many things and reminded me of the importance of placing Him first in my life, without leaving any room for excuses or complaints. Ultimately, so much has happened that cannot be fully described in words, but I pray that many others would avail themselves to serve in Cambodia and share the gospel to the people there. The Cambodian government is open to aid of all kinds, and this has opened the door for us, as Christians, to show God’s love and sow the seeds. The harvest truly is plenty, but the labourers are few, and I pray that God would move hearts to serve and experience Him in Cambodia.

Testimony of Daniel Ong

I thank God for this trip and for the opportunity to do God’s work. Initially, I did not take an active role in participation as there were several factors that made me feel very uncertain about the trip. I was debating between going to Cambodia for the mission trip or travelling overseas with my frien ds. Additionally, I was also hesitant as I felt that things were proceeding too quickly for me – although I grew up in church, I had only begun to consider Christ seriously a few years ago. I thank God, however, that my good friend John, seeing that I had a lot of free time during this period, signed me up for this trip. I did not have much objections with going and hence I agreed.

Our preparation for this trip was quite rushed as we only had 1.5 months before departure. It was organized after the Missions Awareness Seminar, in request of my peers who were keen on going for a trip. We were on a really tight schedule, but I thank God for the many people who worked together to make this trip materialize.

I found this trip very different from others in that it was more intense in teaching. During the planning stages, we had decided to shift our focus slightly and engage the youth in Cambodia, instead of mainly focusing on the children’s ministry. The boys were tasked to teach Bible classes, share devotions and conduct a seminar. Personally, this was something very new and I did not have much experience doing it, much less in a foreign country. I felt that I wasn’t as skilled as compared to my peers in these things. They have attended more years of fellowship than me, which would have provided them with more opportunities to learn and be grounded in the knowledge of the Lord.

I truly thank God for sustaining me through this trip, though it had been a tough process. Looking back at the months that had passed, I believe it is by God’s providence that I’ve been led to take up ERBL courses at the beginning of the year. This really strengthened my understanding of God. They helped me to see how God interacts with his people and to draw lessons from the mistakes of the Israelites. This understanding provided me with the confidence to know God better and to do his work. I believe that it was God’s purpose for me to attend these lessons, and prepare me so that I could tell others about the love of God with greater conviction in Cambodia.

To be honest, I have never read this much of the Bible these past five months as compared to what I’ve read before. I thank God for this period of preparation where I had the chance to reinforce and be fully persuaded by the Word of God, so that I could teach and persuade others to believe in Him.

This trip is full of thanksgivings and growth. By God’s grace, he provided me with much guidance and support during this short journey. I thank God for his ministers who helped to consolidate and streamline my thoughts, but I thank God especially for my peers who were on the trip with me. It was them who helped supplement my thoughts with ideas, examples and explanations so that I could be more effective. It was them who encouraged and challenged me to search the Word of God and be sure in my understanding of God’s Word.

 * * *




Day Time        Course               Lecturer

Mon                7.30 - 9.30 pm    Joshua  Rev Dr Jack Sin

Tue 10 - 12.00 pm                    Hebrews          Rev Ho Chee Lai

Wed               10 - 12.00 pm     Ezra & Nehemiah       Rev Isaac Ong

Thu 10 - 12.00 pm                    Paul and His Writings Rev Ho Chee Lai

      7.30 - 9.30 pm                   The Major & Minor Prophets Rev Charles Seet

Fri   10 - 12.00 pm                    The Work & Life of John Calvin       Rev Isaac Ong

Lectures begin on 11 Jan 16. Register before 7 Dec 15 for early 
bird discount. Please complete registration forms and place them in the box, together with payment.


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1) The Annual Youth Fellowship Camp will be held on 14-18 Dec 15 at Life BPC premises. All youth who are 16-24 years of age are encouraged to join! Theme: Faith Unfeigned. 2 Tim 1:5. Speaker: Elder Ng Beng Kiong. Signup at tinyurl.com/LifeYFC15. Registration closes on 29 Nov.

2) 5 more traffic wardens are needed on Sundays to form 2 groups to do alternate month duty.  If interested to serve, please contact Dn David Tan at 9667-9733 or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3) The Annual LTF Camp will be held from 7th-11th Dec 15. All teens who are 11-17 years of age are encouraged to join! Register in front of the Sanctuary. For enquiries, please contact Matthew Sim at 85224533 or Elder Lim Ching Wah at 91836783.

4) Catechism Class for Easter Baptism on 27 Mar 2016 commences on 13 Dec 15 at Beulah Centre Rm 2-1, 9.40am. Please pre-register by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or filling up the form available at the front counter. Those seeking baptism, reaffirmation of faith and transfer of membership must attend the catechism class. Closing date: 6 Dec 15.

5) Our condolences to the family of Mdm Elizabeth Cheang Hung Moon (90 years old) on her homegoing on 25 Nov 2015.

Preaching appointment: Rev Seet at Olivet BPC, 9.30 am. Rev Wong at Nazareth BPC, 9.30 am. Rev Lee at JB BPC Evening Fellowship, 6.00 pm and Kulai/JB BPC Camp, 30 Nov to 2 Dec. Rev Khoo at Life Chinese Service, 11am.

Vision & Mission


To build a united church family that is committed to making disciples through Salvation, Sanctification and Service, to the glory of God.

Verse for the Week

February 18 & 25 - Fruit of Obedience

If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. John 15:10