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Scripture Memory: God Heals.

VERSE : Jeremiah 17:14 “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.”

* * *

O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness 

5 July 2015

8am & 11am: Worship Service

Rev Lee Hock Chin (Spiritual Gifts for Service, 1 Cor 12:1-11)

6:00 pm Evening Service

Rev Colin Wong (Man Proposes God Disposes, Prov 16:1-3, 33)

12 July 2015

8am & 11am: Worship Service

Rev Charles Seet (The Temporary Sign Gifts, 1 Cor 12:9-10, 28-30; 13:8-10)

6:00 pm Evening Service

Rev Yeo Seow Phong (Fiends to Friends, Prov 16:7)

* * *

By Tan Thiam Hong

With reference to the anonymous Personal Witnessing Survey of our church that was conducted earlier this year, we thank the Lord that between 15 Mar and 28 Apr, 2015, 228 or approximately 25% of members participated in it. The survey results are as follows:

QA1: Age Group

1. <18                                        4%

2. 18-25                                14.9%

3. 26-40                                   18%

4. 41-50                                   17%

5. 51-60                                30.3%

6. >60                                   15.8%

QA2: Gender

1. Male                                  45.6%

2. Female                              54.4%

QA3: Number of years as Christians

1. <2                                       1.3%

2. 3-6                                      8.3%

3. 7-10                                    6.6%

4. 11-20                                20.2%

5. >20                                   63.6%

QA4 Multi-generational Christians

1. First                                  61.4%

2. Second                              29.8%

3. Third                                   6.1%

4. Fourth and higher                2.6%

QB1. The six greatest influences leading to my faith in Christ (multiple answers)

1. Witnessed by someone      42.5%

2. Family Influence                    36%

3. Fellowship Group               33.8%

4. Sunday Service                     33%

5. Sunday School                   30.3%

6. Christian literature/magazine 24.6%

QB2. Frequency of Witnessing

1. Once a week                        4.4%

2. Twice a month                      8.8%

3. Once a month                     21.5%

4. Twice a year                       26.3%

5. Once a year                        18.6%

6. None                                  20.2%

QB3. Six major reasons of seldom sharing the gospel (multiple answers)

1. Not wanting to pressure others 42.5%

2. Fear of strained relations     41.7%

3. Shyness                             23.3%

4. Inability to answer questions 20.6%

5. Don’t know how                   20.2%

6. Fear of rejection                  19.7%

QB4. I am willing to improve my witnessing life by (multiple answers):

1. Having a changed mindset      43%

2. Being an encourager in evangelism    38.6%

3. Being a soul-winner             37.3%

4. Being trained in personal evangelism 33.3%

5. Bringing about culture change 20.6%

6. Others                                  9.2%

QB5. I am a born again Christian

1. Yes (222)                          97.37%

2. No  (1)                                0.44%

3. Not sure (5)                        2.19%

Observations from the above survey:
(1) Nearly all respondents came to know the Lord through evangelism whether by someone, family members, fellowship group, from the pulpit or from Christian literature. This point affirms the importance of evangelism in saving souls.

(2) The frequency of witnessing needs to be and can be improved. Evangelism is a spiritual discipline that can be as easy as reading the Bible, praying and fellowshipping with other brethren.

(3) Obstacles in witnessing may be legitimate but are surmountable. No obstacles are insurmountable if we know that evangelism is God’s plan and will, and our duty is to be in line with His plan.

(4) It is comforting to note that most respondents wanted to improve their personal witnessing life and be involved in evangelism as a way of life and be a soul-winner, change of mindset, promoting evangelism culture and also through training in evangelism.

(5) While it is heartening to know that more than 97% of respondents are confident of being born-again Christians, we do sincerely wish that those less than 3% would soon find eternal salvation. We welcome them to approach any of the church leaders to discuss this most important and urgent matter in life.

 “Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship” (GSED) Seminar

Two days of Interactive Learning

The Life B-P Church Combined Fellowships is pleased to announce that the above seminar will be conducted in September 2015. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in the seminar, which among others will address matters and issues of QB2, QB3 and QB4 in the recent Personal Witnessing Survey. The main objective of the seminar is to equip members to have the privilege of becoming soul-winners.

Outline of the two-day seminar:

Day One: “The Why”

Understanding the Good Soil Theology of Evangelism and Discipleship (E&D)

•   “Good soil” as defined by Jesus

•   The Good Soil E&D scale

•   Initial contact and relational evangelism

•   The problem of worldview noise

•   Worldview noise case studies from the early church

•   Worldview noise in your host culture

•   Peeling the worldview onion

•   Identifying gospel knowledge deficiencies

•   Evaluating gospel presentations

•   Penetrating worldview noise with the Bible’s redemptive story

•   Homilies: Understanding the awesome gospel, hell pleads for the gospel, and is witnessing optional?

•   Practical homework 1.

Worldview  Noise Onion Peeling

Day Two: “The How”

Preparing to use The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy

•   Becoming acquainted with The Story of Hope Bible study book

•   Practice telling God’s story of hope in 15 minutes or less

•   Practice teaching some key events from God’s story of hope Expanding/shrinking the accordion—flexing the use of The Story of Hope

•   Practice using the ChronoBridge to help unbelievers embrace the gospel

•   Leading unbelievers to a personal faith response

•   Common topical issues related to follow up discipleship. Becoming acquainted with The Way to Joy discipleship book

•   Helping new believers to structure and share their faith stories

•   Practice leading a lesson in The Way to Joy

•   Homilies: Know the value of a soul, the secret of soul winning, and the enormous blessings of a soul-winner.

•   Practical homework 2.

Workbook and text-books used in the seminar

Date:   September 19th (Saturday) and 24th (Thursday-Holiday)

Time9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Venue: MPH Beulah Centre

Admission is free and open to all (Priority to members)

E-Register at: http://tinyurl.com/GSED15

Open from July 1 till 31 August 2015. 

* * *

Life BPC Family Day@Zoo<br< a="">>Date: 25 Jul 15;  Time: 9am to 1pm


TODAY is the last day to register for the Family Day@Zoo!  Registration stands at 287 ! Sign up TODAY if you wish to participate.

We have received a number of requests for 2-way transport. The committee has decided to provide a bus to return to Life Church after the event. For those who have indicated your need for transport during registration you may take the return trip back to Church. For those who wish to update your transport requirement you may do so at the registration counter this Sunday. The transport cost remains at $2.

* * *

1) LTF Camp 2015. The Lively Teens Fellowship’s annual camp will be held on 7-11 Dec 2015. All teens from 11 to 17 years old are welcomed! Please look out for registration in November.

2) “Seminar on Hermeneutics”- MP3, Notes & Slides by Dr Carl Martin are available in CD at RTL Office for a S$1/-. Downloading from Church Website is also available.

“Effective Christian Discipleship in the Local Church”. 3 parts lecture in MP3 by Rev Dr Timothy Okman Ki are available on Church Website. (Home>Ministries>ERBL)

3) What is NS to Me? An NS talk to pre-enlistees and recent enlistees on NS by Eld Lee Heok Seng and Mr Yeo Hock Seng. 7 August 2015 (Fri). Beulah Centre 2-1. 0930am-1230pm (Lunch provided). Register by 15 Jul at tinyurl.com/NStalk2015. For enquiries contact Rev Quek KK 

4) Catechism Class for Anniversary Baptism on 18 Oct 2015 commences next Sunday at Beulah Centre Rm 2-1 at 9.40 am. Those seeking baptism, reaffirmation of faith and transfer of membership must attend the catechism class.

5) Scripture Memory Verse Review No. 2. A written review exercise of the verses is obtainable at the front counter. Review No. 1 is also available for those who missed it. Please submit by TODAY.

6) GAF Outing. August 15 (Sat), one day tour to Muar, Johore. Please register with bro. Ong Beng Hong or sister Evelyn Tay. Details in the registration form. Closing date: TODAY.

7) Mission Trip to Batam churches, Indonesia from 1-2 Aug to be led by Rev Charles Seet. Those interested, please contact Jeremy Yeo and Betrand Lam 

8) Mission Trip to Grace B-P Church, Medan, Indonesia from 10-17 Aug to be led by Rev Colin Wong. Those interested, please contact Rev Wong (9665 8160).

9) Condolences to: (1) Mrs Valerie Quek and family on the homegoing of her husband, Mr Joshua Quek Siu Choon (43 years old) on 27 Jun 15. (2) The family of Mrs Seow Chong Pin (88 years old) on her homegoing on 2 Jul 15.

Preaching appts: Rev Seet in Batam. Rev Wong  at Life Evening Service, 6pm. Rev Lee at Thai Service, 2.30 pm.

Vision & Mission


To build a united church family that is committed to making disciples through Salvation, Sanctification and Service, to the glory of God.

Verse for the Week

February 18 & 25 - Fruit of Obedience

If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. John 15:10