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Scripture Memory: God’s Protection.

VERSE : Nahum 1:7 “The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.”

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O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

 8 March 2015

8 am & 11am Worship Service
Rev Charles Seet (“Born This Way”, 1 Cor 6:9-10)
6:00 pm Evening Service
Bro Lee Hock Chin (Lessons from the Ant, Prov 6:6-11)

15 March 2015

8 am & 11am Worship Service
Rev Quek Keng Khwang (Is Your Body the Temple of God? 1 Cor 6:9-20)
6:00 pm Evening Service
Rev Charles Seet (Knowing What God Hates, Pro 6:16-19)

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Since Scripture memorization became a regular part of our church’s programme in September 2004, many Lifers have benefited from participating in it. In last year’s programme 42 have done well enough to receive awards for their review exercises in the series of 52 Scripture verses from the Book of Psalms based on the theme, “O taste and see that the LORD is good.”

Memorising Scripture is a very ancient practice. The Jews were extremely good at this, and some Jewish rabbis were able to recite the whole Old Testament completely from memory. How were they able to do this? God has given us a very powerful mind. When properly trained and used, the human mind can store up to 100 billion gigabytes of information and process 1 million billion operations a second. It is claimed that most of the time we are only using about 10% of our brains. So our minds are capable of doing much more than we think.

If you have not been hiding God’s Word in your heart, why not start now? There are 28 passages of Scripture to memorise, based on this year’s church theme, “Wonderful Words of Life.” These passages are found at our church website (www.lifebpc.com) together with a special smartphone app, and beautiful wallpapers that you can download and set as your desktop background to help you memorise them.

A review exercise will be conducted after every three months. Write out the seven verses for the two months from memory on a review sheet from the front counter, and submit it by the given deadline. You will receive a certificate if your verses are at least 70% correct. To win the 1st prize ($40) you must obtain certificates for all four review exercises. If you obtain only three certificates you will receive the 2nd prize ($30). Two certificates will qualify you for the 3rd prize ($20). Consolation prizes ($10) will be given to those who obtain one certificate.

Let me urge you to join this year’s Scripture memory programme so that you will develop the habit of hiding God’s Word in your heart. May you be encouraged to do so as you read the testimonies and memorisation tips shared below by some of last year’s prize winners. —Pastor

I THINK the scripture memory programme not only brought to remembrance old verses, but also helped me when ministering to others and praying. I believe that everyone will have a different method of memorizing things, but importantly it is the discipline to do so that counts more. The Lively Teens Fellowship has provided this platform for me as we have a time set aside almost every week to memorize verses. – Timotheus Lee

SINCE the memory verse programme started, I have forced myself to memorize three verses of God’s wonderful words of life the first thing I wake up each day. I tried to memorize it by meditating on them as well as writing it down several times until it stays in my mind. I am very thankful to my pastors for painstakingly chosing these wonderful verses to help sinners such as myself to grow and experience abundant life in Christ. The programme has brought me closer to God and made me wiser. – Mrs Lee

“THY WORD have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” (Psalm 119:11). Truly we need the constant reminder of God’s word so that we could lead a victorious Christian life. What better way than to attempt memorising God’s word in a corporate manner and have them handy whenever and wherever we need. To serve its purpose, the Scripture Memory Programme has meticulously pre-selected a wide range of beautiful verses applicable under various life circumstances.

How do I do it? Firstly, I break the verse down into smaller parts, meditate upon them and try to understand the verse better. Following that I will recite it as frequently as time permits including some pocket of spare time in the course of my day. Where applicable, I do use some memory aids such as mnemonic and imagery to help me. The key is to seek God’s help, have discipline and to persevere. It can only get easier with practice. It is definitely a worthwhile exercise and I challenge all to try it. – Patrick Kok

I WOULD like to thank our God for enabling me to complete the Scripture Memory Program in 2014. Through the verses, taken from the book of Psalms, I was much encouraged by how the Psalmists praised and gave thanks to God when they were delivered from their enemies, from their own sins and for the forgiveness of sins. They praised and trusted the Lord even when they were facing trials and life threatening situations. This is certainly something I need to learn from the Psalmists.

These memory verses also act as reminders for me to keep praying and praising the Lord as I walk with Him on earth. As I set aside time to meditate and memorize these verses, I also learnt to discipline myself to do my devotion daily. I thank God that my husband also helped me by listening to me as I recite the verses to him.

I would like to encourage all Lifers to participate in future Scripture Memory Programs as I have benefited much from it. – Tan Kwee Mui

I REMEMBER the first time I participated in this programme was around six years ago, but I only did it because my mother recommended me to try it. I stopped after a while because I simply didn’t want to. When I was 12 I started attending LTF and I realized that every week they would let everyone memorize the verse for that week, and when the review exercise came, everyone would do it on the spot. But after a while, I would give up trying and from that time onwards, I would only try occasionally or else not at all.

Later on, the committee started making visual aids to help us to remember the verses better. The pictures would then be sent to the LTFers via whatsapp. It helped some, but I still wasn’t really actively participating in it. I continued this way for some time until one day, I was approached to help out in the committee. Apparently my job was to put the pictures together and then send them out. I thought it would be a simple job but in actual fact it wasn’t that easy. I had to type the verses carefully, and even the punctuation had to be double-checked.

This was actually what made me get started participating in the programme again, because I quickly found out that typing the verses and having to read and re-read them countless times to check for errors actually helped to reinforce the verses in my head whether I liked it or not. I thought that I might as well give it a try since I’d already unintentionally memorized them, and it worked like magic; I’m not bragging, but I never expected that I would get over 70% after a long hiatus of six years. Feeling a little surprised, I asked myself whether that was God’s hint to me that I should start taking His word more seriously and actively memorize it.

I’ve started memorizing verses ever since and it’s a great help when I face problems. To help myself memorize the verses, I usually open the Bible app on my phone, search out that particular verse, take a screenshot of it and then keep reading it over and over again from the screenshot (this is to help my brain to block out all the other words and prevent myself from scrolling to other parts so I won’t get distracted). If the verse is too long, I break it into shorter sentences to make it easier to remember, and then string them up together into one complete verse. It takes patience, but it can be done.

Besides, it’s important to consciously make an effort to internalize God’s Word so that if we face any attacks from Satan, the sword will always be ready for use at our side. – Woon Yee Shin

JUST OVER a year ago, the Scripture Memory Programme never had anything to do with me. Every now and then, our weeklies would show a box titled, “Scripture Memory Verse Review Exercise” with around thirty names listed in alphabetical order. I would just look at the names to see if I knew anyone, or just learn of some names of Lifers “somewhere out there” whom I had yet to meet. It would just be a, “Hmm, interesting.” thought which would fade as the Worship Chairperson finished his announcements and as we put the weeklies aside and caught up with one another.

Then one Sunday around the end of 2013 as I saw yet another weekly with the box, I found myself reminiscing the days in Children’s Sunday School when I got golden star stickers for memorizing Bible verses. I wondered what I could do to give of myself for our LORD for all that He had done for me. Why don’t I memorize His Word and fill my mind with them? How much of His Word have I remembered and hid in my heart as compared to all the other thoughts and worldly information within me? How can I set my affection on things above if I had none of such in my mind to begin with? (Col 3:2) It also helped that the Church had encouraged Lifers to take up the Scripture Memory challenge and had prepared a nice little Scripture Memory Booklet that was pretty and handy. Very well thought of indeed. So I resolved as one of 2014’s resolutions to “Taste and See that the LORD is Good”.

Verily, the LORD has been good. With a heart of thanksgiving do I marvel at each verse memorized and each Review hurdle cleared. That my limited and self-centred mind can memorize His Word is a testament of God working His miracles in our lives. I had learned to experience God through this endeavour, just as the verses proclaimed Him to be! If it were not for the LORD, I would have memorized in vain, just as they that build would have laboured in vain if they had not God. I was comforted that even after some years of not memorizing His Word, God gave the grace for me to do so.

Taking part in the Scripture Memory Programme also allowed me to know more about God. The verses shed light on His character and at times clearly show how we can please Him, for instance: “He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: He taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man. The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy.” (Psa 147:10-11). It is so clear what God delights in, and how thus we can please Him!

Scripture memorization comes with its challenges too. Three years to learn good, three days to learn bad, and three minutes to forget what was just memorized. In addition, there were stressful times when the Review deadline was round the corner and I still had not committed all two months’ verses to memory. Yes, busy schedules are understandable. But if memorizing Scripture became a stressful business, it just seemed like something was not very right.

So as I consider what could have been better, I find that the most enjoyable and fruitful Reviews I had were done this way: (i) getting to know God better through the verses. I would ask myself, “What do I know about God here?” and learn so much from just thinking what this meant; (ii) being able to share and apply the verses that we had memorized in our prayers and encouragement to others. For example, to share and remind one another in light of how great our God is, “For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.” (Psa 50:10), so everything we have is of God; and God does not need our gold but desires our hearts to Him be sold.

For this year’s Scripture Memory Programme, I hope to more consistently memorize the verses and I am thinking of sticking post-its on my wall to make sure that the first and last thing I see each day is His Word. No need for lamps as His Word will light up my room and my life. I also hope to live in a way according to how someone who really memorizes and internalizes these truths would, for example, manifest a life of more love to God, more living for others, and less of myself.

To end, I would like to share this analogy I once heard: Memorizing Scripture is akin to drawing water from a well with a broken bucket. It is laborious; by the time the bucket is hoisted up, most of the water would have leaked out. But in the very least, we will still get some water, and a very clean bucket. Yes, we may have already forgotten quite a number of verses today, but as we look back, at least the time spent memorizing by ourselves, with brethren and family was a sweet and sanctifying time dedicated to God. For those of us with smartphones and gadgets, if we judiciously ensure only the best apps worthy of our limited hard disk space and memory be installed, then how much more should we guard and fill our mind’s memory with the living Word of the living God?

I thank God for the Church’s vision to hold forth the Word of Life, and also an emphasis to encourage Lifers to hide deep His Word within our hearts. O you should come taste and see what God would do in you through the Scripture Memory Programme this year! – Betrand Lam

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1) Combined Ordination Service at 11 am on Sunday 29 March: Mr Lee Hock Chin will be presented for ordination as a Minister of the Gospel by the ordaining council. (There will be no 8:00 am service, Children’s Ministry and Filipina service, but Sunday School and Catechism Class will proceed as usual.)

2) Missions Awareness Seminar will be held on Saturday 14 March 15 from 3.00-5.45pm at Beulah Multi-Purpose Hall. Please E-register via LBPC website at www.lifebpc.com/missionsaware.htm. Registration extended till TODAY.

3) Devotional by Rev James Smith, Vol 2 (Apr to Jun 2015). Available at the front counter. The same devotions are available online at http://www.lifebpc.com/devotions.

4) The Coffee Corner. Volunteers and contributions of food are welcome. Contact Bro. Daniel (hp: 96919853) or Sis. Amy (hp: 97962880).

5) Traffic Wardens are needed during the following time frames - before & after 8am worship; before & after Sunday school and before & after 11am service. Please contact Dn David Tan, 9667 9733.

Preaching appointment:  Rev Wong at YLW, 11am and Thai Service, 2.30 pm

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