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Scripture Memory: God’s Goodness.
VERSE : Psalm 86:15 
“But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.* * *

O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

23 February 2014
8 am & 1045am Worship Service:
Rev Ho Chee Lai (The Compassionate God, Ps 86:14-17)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Patrick Tan (The Resurrection of Christ, Ps 16:10)

2 March 2014
8 am & 1045am Worship Service:
Eld Ng Beng Kiong (Victory in the Lord, Ps 18:30-39)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Charles Seet (Christ’s Kingdom Is Forever, Ps 45:6-7)

* * *


“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Our Scripture memorisation programme which started ten years ago has taken us through more than 330 verses from 37 books of the Bible. Within that time $14,875 worth of prizes have been won by participants. Last year, there were 65 participants despite increasing the number of verses to 52. We thank God that 14 have received the first prize for three consecutive years (2011-2013). It is encouraging to see that a good number of us are committed to memorising Scripture. May the Lord help us to keep up the effort, not just for a material incentive but for the biblical reasons for hiding God’s Word in our hearts, e.g.

1.  To obey God’s commandment in Deuteronomy 6:6; 11:18

2.  To overcome temptations to sin (Psalm 119:11; 37:31)

3.  To make choices that are in line with God’s will (Psalm 40:8)

4.  To equip us to teach and admonish one another (Colossians 3:16)

5.  To have ready comfort in times of affliction (Psalm 119:52; Jeremiah 15:16)

Dallas Willard, professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California, wrote, “Bible memorization is absolutely fundamental to spiritual formation. If I had to choose between all the disciplines of the spiritual life, I would choose Bible memorization, because it is a fundamental way of filling our minds with what it needs. This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth. That’s where you need it! How does it get in your mouth? Memorization.”

Here is a bonus for those who are elderly: Research has shown that most age-related memory loss results from a lack of mental activity. Memorising verses of scripture and recalling them is a good way to keep the brain active and so delay the onset of dementia. But please don’t forget that the spiritual enrichment from memorising Scripture is worth far more than the mental enrichment. Although it requires time and discipline, it produces blessings in your life that will flow to others as well.

Memorising Scripture is a very ancient practice. The Jews were extremely good at this, and some Jewish rabbis were able to recite the whole Old Testament completely from memory. How were they able to do this? God has given us a very powerful mind. When properly trained and used, the human mind can store up to 100 billion gigabytes of information and process 1 million billion operations a second. It is claimed that most of the time we are only using about 10 percent of our brains. So our minds are capable of doing much more than we think.

If you have not been hiding God’s Word in your heart, why not start now? There are 52 passages of Scripture to memorise from the book of Psalms, based on this year’s church theme, “O Taste and See that the LORD is Good.” These passages are found at http://www.lifebpc.com/index.php/component/content/article?id=649together with a special smartphone app, and beautiful wallpapers that you can download and set as your desktop background to help you memorise them.

A review exercise will be conducted after every two months (The first one for this year starts today). Write out the eight verses for the two months from memory on a review sheet from the front counter, and submit it by the given deadline. You will receive a certificate if your verses are at least 70% correct. To win the 1st prize ($40) you must obtain certificates for all six review exercises. If you obtain only five certificates you will receive the 2nd prize ($30). Four certificates will qualify you for the 3rd prize ($20). Consolation prizes ($10) will be given to those who obtain at least two certificates.

Let me urge you to join this year’s Scripture memory programme so that you will develop the habit of hiding God’s Word in your heart. May you be encouraged to do so as you read the testimonies and memorisation tips shared below by some of last year’s prize winners. —Pastor

I WOULD like to thank our Heavenly Father for His grace in enabling me to complete the whole year’s Scripture Memory Program for 2013. The memory verses have helped me to be aware of God’s presence in my daily life. They act as reminders in guiding my thoughts, speech and actions. The verses also helped me in my prayer life by reminding me to claim on His promises and to be in His will. I would normally memorize these verses and review them every day. I would then seek to apply them in my life. Doing these helps me to remember the verses. I would like to encourage Lifers to take up this Scripture Memory Program. —Tan Kwee Mui

HERE ARE SOME TIPS: 1. Recite the verse over and over again; 2. Understand the meaning; 3. Imagine a picture. How to remember which verse corresponds with which chapter and verse number: Relate the verse number to a picture. E.g. Proverbs 23:22 – “Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old.” – Fathers should be older than mothers, so the father is 23 years old and the mother is 22. Hope this is useful. —Nigel Teh Tian Li (12 years old)

TO MEMORISE VERSES, I’ve found that it would be easier if you understand the meaning of the verse before you try to memorize it. This will make it easier and faster. For combining verses with the numbers it would be better to remember a word or a part of the verse to represent the number. I hope these tips will help you with your memory verses. —Carina Teh Shu Ying (10 years old)

I LEARNT many important lessons from the memory verses last year. Although, some of them were just memorised and then forgotten after the test, many stuck in my mind. Honestly, there is a wealth of knowledge in proverbs.

One of the lessons I learnt was from Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grevious words stir up anger.” At that time, while I was memorising this verse, I had just gone back to school and there was this particular person that I could not stand, and soon enough even the sight of her face got me irritated. This verse helped me to restrain myself from bursting out in anger more. It really encouraged me, and after some time, I learnt to accept her and stopped being angry with her all together, because what you say could really affect someone very badly.

Usually, I memorise memory verses while in the train or bus since my bus journey from school to home was quite long. Sometimes, I would get a friend to memorise with me and we would test each other, and try to remember the verses even after the test. —Joelle Heng

I HAVE benefited a lot from participating in the memory verse programme. Firstly, it allows me to understand God’s Word even better. For example, if I want to memorise the verse, I have to first understand what it means and learn to apply it in my life, so that I will be able to remember it easily. Secondly, the verses that I have memorised really encourages me a lot. Whenever I am down, the verses will pop up in my head and God’s Word comforted me. Thirdly, I can also bless others when I memorise the verses. By memorising the verses, I can comfort others with God’s Word easily as I had already memorised and understood the meaning of it.

I do have personal tips to share on how to memorise verses. Usually, before memorising the verse, I will read it at least three times through and understand it. Then, I will try my best to relate the verse to my daily life. Lastly, I would divide the verse into different parts and keep reading every part until I have memorised it. Hence, I really do encourage you to participate in the Scripture memory programme as it has helped me and blessed me in different things! —Fidelia Beatrice Alvina

INDEED it is a great joy to be able to read and meditate on the true and living Word of God freely. This Scripture Memory initiative has been a great avenue for me to find applicable verses which I can commit to memory and also share these same lessons amongst my friends in church. (Which booklet can draw out apt verses and present them in such a succinct manner?).

Personally, I have been blessed through memorising these scriptures over time. Firstly, the Word of God resonates in our hearts when we constantly meditate and apply them in our lives. It is amazing to see, at times, situations present itself where you can directly apply what you have memorised recently into action (when you put your mind to actually looking out for such circumstances). “My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments, which I have loved; and I will meditate in thy statutes.” (Psalm 119:48). One excellent way to commit verses to memory is to incorporate it into our lives and to live out the Word.

Next, storing scriptures in our heart will gradually help us to accumulate a hive of scriptures where we can appreciate the goodness of God. As He reveals Himself to us through His Word, we become increasingly and vastly amazed at the magnitude of God, expressed by the writer.

Lastly, the Scripture Memory programme has also ironically taught me to continue meditating on the Word of God even at times when I don’t feel like doing it. During the threshold periods of our secular work, we may neglect the purposeful effort in learning scriptures. However, through the resources provided as well as the timely reviews, it has constantly reminded me to persevere in reading God’s Word.

Memorising scriptures is not easy, neither is meditating on them daily. However, as we purposefully seek His precepts, only He is able to make His Word glow out from our lives. —Nicholas Lim

O taste and see that the Lord is good.  Memorising God’s word is a joy and rejoicing of my heart.  Once again, our church has provided for us this year all the resources necessary and conducive for scripture memory.  We have the memory verse for the week printed in the church weekly, all the memory verses for the year printed at the back of the 3 monthly devotionals, and our memory verse booklets with individual verses on card-sized pages.  Before the church started our memory verse programme, my fellow Sunday School teacher Siew Joon and I decided we would make memory aids for the class in the form of memory verse booklets containing the memory verses in the Sunday School weekly worksheets.  A fair bit of work was involved so I do appreciate the church very much for coming up with the memory verse booklets (and making them so pretty).

To memorise a verse, I’ve always found it better if I memorise aloud, i.e. to read out or say out the verse instead of doing it silently.  Of course, I don’t do that if I’m on a public bus or train, but I’ll memorise aloud again when I am home.  And I’ve learned to memorise in ‘bite-sized chunks’, starting with the memory verse reference, and a short portion of the beginning of the verse (e.g. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world”), and adding another chewable portion after I am able to repeat the earlier portion from memory.  Regular review is necessary to make the memory verse stick in my mind.  My elderly mother who is in her 80s has memorised the whole of Psalm 23 more than a year ago and she is still able to recite it well because she recites it nearly every night.  I hope that her example will encourage you, especially if you think scripture memory is beyond you. —Tan Khoon Lee

* * *

1) Nominations for Election of Session Members, 2014-17 will closes TODAY. Nomination forms are available from the Reception Counter on Sundays, and from the Church Office on weekdays.

2) GAF would like to invite all Lifers to its 14th Thanksgiving Anniversary on Sat. 8 Mar 14 at 4 pm, Beulah Centre MPH. Buffet dinner will be served. Should you wish to bring refreshment, kindly contact Sis Evelyn Tay at 62803344.

3) Scripture Memory Verse Review No. 1. A written review exercise of the verses is obtainable at the front counter. Review No. 1 is also available for those who missed it. Please submit by 9 Mar 14.

4) We thank God for the good response to the Spiritual Leadership Seminar held last Saturday. If you have missed it, the audio recordings are available for your downloading at our church website www.lifebpc.com. Further enquiries can be made with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5) Infant Baptism on Easter Sunday, 20 Apr 14. Parents who intend to have their infants baptised must register by 16 Mar 14. Please call the Church office (6594-9399) or email Yin Chan giving child’s name, date of birth and parents’ names and contact.

6) Life B-P Church Camp, 16-19 June 2014 at Awana Genting, West Malaysia.  On-line registration at the church website, www.lifebpc.com/churchcamp2014.htm. Registration forms are also available at the front entrance for those who have no internet access.

7) Gospel Sunday30 Mar 14. 8 & 10.45am. Topic: GPS - God’s Plan of Salvation. Speakers: Rev Tan Eng Boo (English) and Pastor Hendro (Mandarin/Hokkien). Members are encouraged to invite their friends and relatives.

8) Far Eastern Kindergarten Online Registration: 2014 Pre-Nursery(YOB 2011) & K1 (YOB 2009) - Limited vacancies. 2015 Pre-Nursery(YOB 2012) & Nursery(YOB 2011) - New Intake. Priority registration in February for church members at http://fek.qoqolo.com/cos/o.x?c=/ca4q_fek/registration. Please visit our websitehttp://www.lifebpc.com/fekedu/ or call 6251-3676 for more information. Priority registration for members ends on 28 February 2014. Public registration begins on 1 March on a first-come-first-served basis.

9) Young Adults Fellowship Retreat 2014 will be held at Pulai Desaru, from 15 (Sat) - 18 (Tue) Mar 2014.Theme: Our Spiritual Conversation – Do We Walk the Talk? Speaker: Rev Patrick Tan. More details and sign up at http://bit.ly/yafretreat2014 For any queries, please contact Caleb Chia at 9438 8889 or email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preaching appointment: Rev Wong at New Life BPC, 9.30 am.


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