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Scripture Memory: Trusting in God
VERSE : Psalm 34:8 
“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”

* * *

O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

12 January 2014
8 am & 1045am Worship Service:
Rev Quek Keng Khwang (O Taste and See that the Lord is Good, Ps 34:8)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Eld Khoo Peng Kiat (Christ the Promised Seed, Ps 89:1-4)

19 January 2014
8 am & 1045am Worship Service:
Eld Chin Hoong Chor (I Will Sing Praise to God, Ps 9:1-20)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Calvin Loh (The Betrayal of Christ, Ps 41:9)

* * *


From the 16th to the 20th of December 2013, the YF held its annual year-end camp for the youths of the church. The theme of the camp was ‘Back on Track’, and it was a timely reminder for the youths as our speaker, Rev Mathews Abraham, preached God’s Word to us through four messages; Back on Track, Desiring God, Active Christianity, and True Fellowship. There are many things to thank God for and below are some of the testimonies of the campers who attended the camp.

THANK GOD for seeing the camp committee through the planning and executing of the YF Camp 2013. Indeed, the Lord has been very gracious to the Camp Committee throughout the whole planning process for the camp. We were able to see how God has seen us through the different stages of planning and preparation. Firstly, thank God that although we started the planning a little later than usual, we were still able to come up with a theme and contact a speaker without much delay. We were also blessed with members in our committee who were willing to spend their precious time during the weekends to finalize some matters for us close to the camp date. Indeed the Lord has been faithful and called His people who are so willing to serve Him despite their busy schedules.

While the closing date of the camp registration was fast approaching, we only had slightly above 40 people who registered for camp. This was much less than the usual number of 70 to 80 registrants the past few years. However, the Lord provided once again and there was a sudden spike in the number of registrants on the last day of registration. I was amazed and thankful that the Lord had moved many of His people to have a desire to set aside one week of their school break to spend time with fellow believers and learn from His word.

Thank God also for providing us with Rev Mathews, who readily accepted the request to speak at our YF Camp. In his first message, he spoke from Jer 6:16a, which was the theme verse of our camp, and called for us to ‘stand’, ‘see’, ‘ask’, and ‘walk’. To stop whatever we are busy with, consider the path which we have taken, enquire about the old, proven path, and follow that path in faith and obedience. It was a timely wake up call for me, having been so caught up with my studies all through the year, to consider if I was on the right path. The messages preached touched the hearts of many and moved the campers to share openly during discussions, meal times, and dorm devotions. It was something unexpected at the start, however, it was something necessary for us all to have true fellowship.

Other than the messages and workshops, we also had fun and games throughout the week, and we want to thank God for granting us safety in that there were very few injuries sustained and our volunteer camp medics were able to attend to the needs of those few injured campers. The Lord also provided us with great weather during the supposed monsoon season and we were able to have our outdoor camp games and also our first campfire in a long time. We thank God for a blessed time of fellowship, skits, and singing of songs around the campfire as the night wore on.

I am also thankful for the times where I was able to fellowship with the campers over meals, dorm devotions, discussions, and even games. As we had many younger campers this year, I felt slightly awkward trying to start a conversation with them as I am not one who does that with ease. However, I thank God that I was able to share openly with them and get to know them a little better. It felt good to be encouraged by what they shared and thank God for providing the opportunity even though I was caught up with administrative matters at times.

Finally, I would like to thank God for providing a committee so willing and dedicated to serve Him. It was a blessing serving alongside them, and being able to see how we started off as “strangers” and grew to become motivators one for another, encouraging each other along the way and remembering that our ultimate goal is to serve God and not to put on a show for man. The planning journey of more than half a year was not easy, and we faced many challenges along the way, but by the grace of God, we managed to pull through. The daily thanksgivings which the camp committee had were in itself a testimony of God’s goodness to us and I never fail to be amazed at what God can do even when the odds seem to be against us.

All praise and glory be to God! – Timothy Loe

NUMEROUS thanksgivings come to mind as I look in retrospect how God has brought YF Camp 2013 to pass, from the preliminary stages of planning in May 2013 right up till breaking camp. It was a privilege being in the camp committee for the first time as Logistics in-charge. The experience was positively eye-opening in preparing for the camp from an organising perspective, as I realised the amount of effort and commitment that went into the planning and execution. It has been a blessing and most definitely enjoyable serving alongside everyone in the committee (and sub-committees) as I saw their dedication and perseverance throughout all our meetings, planning and execution.

I have also gained new friendships as I got to know my committee better in the course of working with them. Thank God for reminders through them to examine my personal walk with God (whether I am back on the right track with God) and motives for service; and to remember that it is the Lord whom I am serving. It was easy to be overwhelmed as the camp dates drew near and preparations intensified.

Planning for the camp was different from previous years’ in that the idea of a campfire was considered for the last night on 19 Dec 2013, during which we would usually have a Special Night programme. It was going to be a case of all-or-nothing given its nature being entirely contingent upon the weather. The Lord’s hand of guidance and mercy was clearly evident as we progressed through the stages right up to the campfire actually happening. The camp committee was granted the go-ahead by Uncle Cheow Hock and Uncle William to hold the campfire in front of the sanctuary, and by the Lord’s provision, I had a family friend who kindly donated zinc sheets and gave step-by-step instructions on the entire process.

The weather was forecast to rain at the time we wanted to set up on the actual evening, and it did drizzle in the afternoon, leaving us in a limbo whether to proceed with setting up because we risked wasting all our purchased wood if it had gotten wet from the rain. It was answered prayer when the rain was withheld and the skies could literally be seen clearing at the time of setting up! Furthermore, the clear weather continued into the night as all campers gathered for a time of singing, and skit performance based on stories in the Bible or what they have learnt at camp.

It certainly was quite a sight to behold. I appreciate very much all the help rendered by Joshua, Haqeem (my ever-ready co-labourer in Logistics), Samuel, Tim Loe, Ben Teo, Tim Fu, Mitchell and Uncle GL in setting up; starting, maintaining and putting out the fire. What surprised me the most was Uncle William’s kind gesture in enlisting the help of our church gardener to settle the clean-up and disposal of the campfire remains the next day – I am very grateful.

Amidst the preoccupation with re-filling toilet paper; attending to choked toilet bowls and light switches that could not switch off the dorm lights, I am thankful for all the times I had with my discussion group (facilitated by Josiah Tan and Sue Sann) and my dorm (led by Stella Seet and Sue Sann) because those were the only times of fellowship I had with campers other than those with whom I was working alongside. Thank God for the open sharing in both my discussion group and dorm – I realised that what was preached in the messages was not something entirely new to many of us. Nonetheless, it served as really poignant reminders to examine our hearts to sieve out the many distractions that prevented us from serving Christ as our only master. It was heart-warming to know through Dorm D that some of us shared similar struggles and experiences in our walk with God. From the first message ‘Back on Track’ based on Jeremiah 6:1-16, Rev Mathews put forth to us to consider if our lives shout Christ. What struck me deep was when he proceeded to use an analogy of Facebook: if Jesus were to see how we behave on Facebook, would He put a ‘like’ to it? This really prompted me to reflect on and evaluate my online activity very carefully. My list of thanksgivings also include:

Firstly, the safety of campers particularly during the ice-breaker wet games on the first day of camp. Secondly, campers received due medical attention when needed, despite the fact that our camp medics were rather under the weather. Thirdly, the sustenance of all who served and laboured in various capacities during the camp – namely the discussion group leaders, the dorm leaders, photographers, PA crew, camp medics and not to forget, the camp committee and sub-committees. Fourthly, thank God for the nightly debrief meetings with my camp committee, because it encouraged an attitude of thanksgiving for each day past, and prompted us to recognize our dependence on God for the next day’s activities. Last but not least, thank God for the opportunities to interact with the much younger campers – in my opinion, their energy and enthusiasm truly brought out the ‘youth’ in the youth fellowship camp.

Soli Deo Gloria. – Mun Kit Yeng

THERE is so much to thank God for in the YF camp. The theme ‘Back on Track’ was one that was needful as youths going through a phase of decision-making on major life issues might lose sight of that one needful thing.

The messages delivered by Rev Mathews Abraham contained a wealth of information that can be readily applied into daily life. The theme verse is Jeremiah 6:16a, “Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” The first message was a call to repentance, and it provoked many campers, including myself, to stop and examine myself, and to know where exactly I stand in the eyes of God. It was a call to obedience as well, as many people might acknowledge their sins, but they are unwilling to let go of the cares of the world and obey God and His commandments.

The second message focused more on examination of the heart, and to find out where we are stocking up on our treasures, for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The campers were called to desire God by having a genuine concern of spiritual life, genuine confession of sin, conviction of God’s character and Truth, genuine commitment and Christ-centered devotion. In the final two messages, Rev Mathews encouraged the campers to actively live out their faith through actions and fellowship with fellow believers.

Discussions after the messages held in discussion groups were extremely helpful as discussion group leaders asked many application questions. The sharing was spontaneous and I was sincerely surprised that there were little or no periods of awkward silence. The sharing helped each one of us to think through and vocalize the practical steps we would take to apply what was learnt in the messages into our daily lives. Dorm devotion was also another great avenue where campers shared openly and actively encouraged each other, to spur one another unto good works. On a more informal setting, I engaged in much blessed fellowship with other campers during meal times and games. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! This year, there was an influx of young people from the LTF into the YF camp. It did make some of us look really old, relatively, but there were no boundaries as we attempted to befriend them and fellowship with them.

The camp, administratively, was executed extremely well and there were no major hiccups during the running of the camp, there is so much to thank God for in this aspect. That allowed campers, including myself, to enjoy the programmes that were lined up for the camp and it has also given me the much needed time to fellowship with others. Although we had wet weather, it did not dampen our spirits as we played the night games in the rain (with umbrellas of course). There was much creativity in the new games that the games committee had planned for the campers and I am sure that most of the youths had a good time playing the games.

After many years, we finally had a camp fire. It was not easy getting approval to hold a camp fire at church. It is indeed by God’s grace that permission was granted, logistics could be procured, and the camp fire happened without a hitch with God holding back the weather. The campers had a good time singing around the camp fire and it brought back good memories of the past camps.

The camp, on the whole, had been a good break for me and has given me many opportunities to interact with fellow believers. All glory be to God for the good work He has done, and may His Word not return unto Him void. – Joshua Lim

“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves…” – 2 Cor 13:5.

THE CAMP messages were a somber reminder to examine ourselves, to return back to the old paths and to submit ourselves to the Lordship of Christ. Rev Matthews delivered God’s Word with much authority, conviction and passion. It was clear and well delivered and there were many take-home lessons and life applications that could be drawn from his messages.

Having to lead discussions for the very first time was a scary task and it was only with God’s help that allowed the discussions and sharing to be free and personal and for preparing the right materials. It wasn’t the typical textbook answers that were given during the discussions and it helped me to see things from the perspective of the younger members. It was indeed an eye opening experience having to lead the group and I thank God for this group that shared so freely that it made leading discussion easier.

Apart from my discussion group, my games group was also very lively and it taught us many lessons on unity and working together as a group in the face of challenges. I thank God for the many younger people in the group that made it more energetic and fun. It was a really good time of bonding and fellowship with the younger brethren! I thank God for allowing the group to be so bonded so quickly that it allowed us to be fitly joined together and functioning as a unit.

There’s much to be thankful for but I feel this chorus sums most of it up:

“But most of all, I’d like to thank You, Lord, for the people here today; They have been a blessing to my life, they have given me gladness in times of sadness, Thank You, Lord!”

All praise and glory to the Almighty God! – Josiah Tan

AFTER the experience of my first semester in university, the camp messages were an apt reminder of the need to get back to that one good path. I realized that amidst the schoolwork, activities and everything I had started to view as all-important during my first semester at school, I had lost sight of what is truly essential and eternal. I thank God for the timely reminder and am resolved to make right my walk with Him this New Year.

I thank God also for the opportunity to serve in the camp committee. It was through the preparation for the camp that I was really able to see God’s hand working and making possible everything we had planned for the camp. There were also many factors beyond the committee’s control during the camp, one of the most significant being the weather. This taught us all the more to rely on God and trust in His will and thankfully, God granted us clear skies the evening of the amazing race and campfire.

Finally, I am grateful also for the discussion and dorm devotion sessions. Hearing my group members, especially the younger ones, share so openly about their spiritual walk and struggles despite us being fairly new to each other was very moving. This has encouraged me to get to know my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on a deeper and more meaningful level and truly fellowship with them. – Jaime Lau

FIRSTLY, thank God for YF camp 2013. Thank God that everything went smoothly and thank God for the time that we could spend with fellow believers. It was truly a time where we can put all other things aside and focus on the Lord, be it serving Him, having fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ or meditating on the various lessons taught during the messages.

The theme of the camp was ‘Back on track’. When I first saw the poster, I was wondering whether these 3 words are meant for me. I started pondering over these questions, ‘Am I on track with God? Have I been doing God’s will for me?’ The answers were not fully answered until after the camp and I truly thank God for pointing out my mistakes and things that I can improve on.

The majority of the content in the messages preached served as a reminder for me to get back to the narrow path that God has paved out for me. Knowing what God wants me to do and storing it in archive at the back of my mind is what I have been doing most of the time. As I read passages from the Bible, I tell myself, Yes I should do this; I need to try to change. However, most of the time, I get caught up with work and distractions and forget about what I wanted to achieve for God. This problem is hindering my walk with God and I am thankful that God has shown it so clearly to me through this camp.

I need to constantly remind myself and focus as I set to achieve my goals. Instead of serving the kingdom-of-self, I must be serving the Kingdom of God. It is no longer just about how other people look at me on the outside, how I should be pleased or what I should do for self-entertainment. I should not conform to my friends and follow the flow blindly so that I can fit in and be loved by them. It is no longer about me being accepted by the world so I can be well liked, so that I can be happy. My life is not about me, myself and I. It is about what I can give to God and the people around me. The kingdom of God is centered on loving and serving God as well as our neighbours, just as our God has commanded us to do:

“Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Mat 22:36-39)

I dare not say I am completely back on track with God but I would continue to examine myself and hopefully I will be able to shine as a light for God. My 2013’s resolution was to be a good testimony for God amongst the people around me, especially to my family. I pray that this year, I would continue to strive towards being a good testimony for God, constantly examining and strengthening my faith.

Lastly I would like to give all Glory to God, for His grace and mercy towards us, and the countless blessings that He have showered upon us. To God be the Glory. – Germain Eng

I DID NOT want to write a testimony. And no, I was not forced to write this testimony. It was just that I felt inadequate to do so. My walk with God had declined ever since I started my university semester. It was after my semester ended in university that I could truly appreciate this year’s YF camp theme: “Back on Track”. For the first time in YF camp, I was above the average age. As one of the leaders in the YF and as a discussion group leader in both LTF and YF camp, I felt rather conflicted of sorts. How could I lead discussions when my own walk was suffering? It was with this mentality that I initially refused to give or write a testimony. I feared that the testimony I would give would be out of duty to please man (not to mention it was shameful to admit that my walk was not as good as it once was).

I shared with my discussion group, that our walk with God is a relationship. It needs to be maintained. It is not to be neglected for a season, after which guilt sets in, and we desperately try to atone for our former neglect. No, a relationship just does not work that way. I could even say it is tantamount to cheating on your wife, and then buying her flowers on Valentine’s Day. It is an insult. And the relationship is damaged. And at the end of the university season, I realized that I was guilty of it. It’s a good thing that God is such a forgiving God. Otherwise, how could I ever possibly hope of reconciling that damaged relationship by my own merit?

It is going to take much more than a YF camp to get back on track with God. It is a commitment that we must make in spite of our circumstances, but so often, we conveniently excuse ourselves of exercising that basic Christian responsibility. I personally used my commitments in school, and even commitments in church, to excuse myself of that basic responsibility.

In the book of Jeremiah, we read of Israel’s continued wickedness - how Israel had “forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water” (Jer 2:13) In literal terms, meaning how Israel forsook something so precious that could quench the thirsty soul in exchange for inferior substitutes that could not do so. And the Lord, through the mouth of the prophet Jeremiah declares: “Thus saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls” (Jer 6:16a). And we, like the Israelites, declare: “We will not walk therein” (Jer 6:16b). And it is my prayer that when the Lord cries out to me in that way once again, as I begin the second semester of university, that I will not reject Lord’s earnest calling. For worldly things, worldly achievements and worldly companions cannot satisfy the soul more than fellowship with God and fellow saints.

JC Ryle asks whether we are trying to satisfy our consciences with a mere formal religion. Are we trying to make up for the lack of inward Christianity by an excessive quantity of outward show? And this formal religion does us no real good. We are not satisfied. Beginning at the wrong end, by performing the outward things first, we know nothing of inward joy and peace, and pass our days constantly, secretly conscious that there is something wrong, and yet not knowing why. Truly, the heart of getting back on track is to mend that relationship with God, not by our outward works; not even through service if it is void of a heart for God. But it is through spiritual devotion.

It will take more than a YF Camp to get back on track. It takes much grace from God, and much commitment on our part. – John Lim

HAVING not attended a church camp before, let alone a church camp conducted by a reformed church, I honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect. The theme “Back on Track” was probably what drew me to sign up for the camp because I do acknowledge I have strayed from my walk with the Lord when I entered university as my work started to take precedence over time with Him.

Having attended the talks during the Student Bible Conference organised by the Christian groups on campus before this camp, I was confident that the messages would probably be the most rewarding activity in store. However, at the end of the camp, it dawned upon me that even though the messages were good, fellowship could be also very enriching. Looking back, it was probably because I have never experienced something quite like that before. I felt that the discussions, the dorm devotions and the conversations over meals on the messages or the relevance of it to the lives of people around us gave the messages a lot more significance. Hearing them share about day to day issues Christian youths face and listening to people’s opinions really gave me valuable insights and inspired me to do a lot of meaningful reflection.

In addition, being fairly new to the practices and beliefs of a reformed church I won’t deny that I was pretty taken aback by certain teachings. But I must say that it was a fantastic opportunity to prompt me to delve deeper into God’s words, start reading Christian literature and to question my pre-existing notions in hope of being able to do things that are pleasing to Him.

This YF camp was both a wakeup call and a stark reminder for me to constantly examine myself in hope of growing into His likeness and it has given me much more than I had expected. In all, I am extremely grateful to Him for the blessed time in camp as well as for the warm welcome and wonderful company. – Chen Yuying

YF CAMP 2013 has been a special camp for me. Having served in the Camp Committee, there is much to testify of God’s goodness and grace toward the committee in our preparation for the camp, and also during the camp itself. Having been involved in the planning of the theme for the camp, God has indeed used the camp as a platform to address some aspects of my spiritual life that has been lacking.

Firstly, regarding service. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him as Vice-Commandant in the 2013 YF Camp. Initially I was rather apprehensive about taking up this role as I felt that I was not up to the mark. However through God’s grace, God gave me the courage to take up this role. I believe that serving God has helped draw me closer to Him. While serving, you are more aware of your spiritual walk, which gives you a stronger impetus to check and alter your own lifestyle before you can minister to others.

Furthermore, I think that God has been very gracious to the Camp Committee. The committee this year is a rather young one, with many serving for the first time with little prior experience. Yet God has smoothened our path and given us a smooth execution of the camp as we had planned it. Praise God especially for holding back the rain on our campfire night, with the campfire being an inchoate idea that has not been carried out for numerous years.

Secondly, regarding the theme. Personally, I found that the theme “Back on Track” has served as a poignant reminder of the need for myself to take time off my schedule frequently in order to assess the direction that my life is heading. Having had a part to play in coming up with the theme, I believe that the theme directly addressed some aspects of my spiritual life that could be improved on. For example, Rev Mathews Abraham highlighted the usage of one’s tongue as a thermometer to check how spiritually “hot” we are for God, and I think that many a time I do not actively monitor how I use my tongue, especially when I am preoccupied with other activities.

All in all, I think that YF Camp 2013 has been a memorable one, and one that has helped me experience God and His sovereignty on a deeper level. May we all strive to please God and to do His will during our short pilgrimage on this earth.

Soli Deo Gloria! – Benjamin Teo

“Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” – Jeremiah 6:16a

WHAT is Koinonia? What does it mean to desire God? These profound questions, and its answers, were but a snippet of what was covered in Rev Mathews’ 4 sermons.

The annual YF camp has acquired some semblance of a checkpoint in my spiritual life. This year’s camp, entitled Back on Track, was an especially timely reminder, as Jeremiah 6:16a commands, to stand (examine), see (reflect), ask (search) for the old way, the good way, the right way, and to follow it.

Rev Mathews’ messages and fervent pleas for us to turn from our wicked ways were both hard hitting and provocative. Hard hitting because I realized my ways, yet again, have fallen way short of God’s, and provocative because in spite of my inadequacies, his pleas have reignited my desire to fight back, to seek, reclaim and stay on the good way.

More than that, Rev Mathews spoke of the essence of true fellowship, of ‘bleeding’ into one another. I am truly thankful to be blessed with a dorm group that reignited my belief in the word fellowship – through all the encouragements, the confessions, the light hearted moments and the burning desire to uncover the truth in many contentious issues, from even the younger ones within our midst.

The cares of the world are great and can overwhelm anyone, even the strongest of Christians. I am nowhere close to strong, and it is my prayer that the spiritual fervor stoked by the YF camp will remain steadfast throughout the year, even as the world lures us away, such that the encouragements, the fellowship, the comfort will continue, that we may all continue to walk in the good way, so as to find rest in our souls. – Teo Yiquan Bob

THE messages of this year’s YF Camp led us to ponder if we were displaying characteristics of a true Christian as Rev Matthews Abraham reminded us that saving faith is an active faith that would produce fruits of salvation. Our attitudes in various life situations would inevitably reflect the presence of these fruits. Do we count it all joy when we experience trials? Do we trust God in poverty and in riches? Do we overcome temptations placed in our lives? Do we bridle our tongue? Do we reach out to people in need? Do we keep ourselves pure and separate from the world?

For myself, it was a good time of reflection as I recounted the many times I had not put into action God’s saving work in my life. Trusting God had been difficult in 2013, which was shrouded in many uncertainties and trials and at such times, it was tempting to put God in the back seat, and to allow my own thoughts and actions to take over. However, the message served me a wake-up call to examine my spiritual condition- was I displaying fruits of my salvation? If I could trust God for my soul, why is it that I could not trust Him in all things?

Another point that prompted much reflection was the question put to us by Rev Matthews, “Where is your treasure?” – “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6: 19-21). We were reminded to be heavenly minded like Abraham, whose life centered on seeking God. As a student, school occupies most of my time in the year and even in the holidays, it would be spent on internships, caught up in the blind drive to do whatever others are doing in the pursuit of worldly success, fortunes and favour of man. It was hence a good reminder that as a Christian, in all phases of my life, my vision should not be cloudy, but clear; in that the only reason I live is to please God and to glorify His name. I pray that this blessed reminder would guide my life’s decisions and charter the way I plan my time in the year ahead.

In all, these messages provoked much reflection of our spiritual condition. They were not the most ‘pleasant’ of messages; but quite heart wrenching at times when put to the point of realization that we had been ‘off-track’ from our blessed Saviour. However, as in Philippians 2:12, we are reminded to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Moreover, how assuring it is in knowing that our God is ever so faithful if we would respond to His call to return to Him!

This camp had been a great blessing, along with sweet fellowship rendered through the deep and truthful sharing through discussions. I pray for grace that all of us may be like the wise men who built the house upon the rock; who not only heareth, but doeth, as we resolve to lead a life that is centred on Christ and a life that is characterised with active faith. Indeed, “But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.” (James 1:25). – Elise Tan

AS I LOOK back on YF camp 2013, I really thank God for the opportunity to attend camp once again and blessing me with not only caring batch mates but also older brothers and sisters in Christ who were always so willing to help me whenever I had doubts or questions. Be it during or after discussion time or dorm devotions, I thank God that they were always so ready to share their experiences with us younger ones no matter how busy they were with all their camp duties and commitments. Despite our age gap and different studying environments, I was encouraged to know that there were still many daily struggles we shared in common. However, it was really through these experiences that I saw God’s working in their lives and I was very inspired by how my discussion group leaders and dorm leaders never failed to direct me towards God with words of wisdom and verses of encouragement.

As Hebrews 10:25 puts it – ‘Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.’ YF camp 2013 has really shown me the importance of fellowship amongst like-minded Christian brethren and I thank God for the time of sweet fellowship as well as for blessing me with new friendships to keep me accountable and help me grow stronger in my Christian faith in the coming year of 2014. – Josephine Phang

 * * *

Adults’ Fellowship 33rd Anniversary Thanksgiving Service & Dinner

18th Jan 2014 (Saturday,  6pm)

at Beulah Multi-Purpose Hall

Speaker : Dn Lee Hock Chin

* * *

1) Membership Roll Update Exercise: If you are a member of Life B-P Church, please fill the form and put it in the box at the church entrance.

2) Catechism Class for Easter Baptism on 20 Apr 14  at Beulah Centre Rm 5-4, 9.30 am. Those seeking baptism, reaffirmation of faith and transfer of membership must attend the catechism Class.

3) Scripture Memory Verse Review No. 6. The deadline for submitting the review is today.

4) The Life B-P Church Camp will be held from 16 to 19 June 2014 at Awana Genting, West Malaysia.  Dr John J Davis will be preaching on the theme “Called unto Holiness.”  Please book your leave early to avoid disappointment. Registration begins early 2014.

5) Kenneth Koh and family wish to thank all who have sent their well-wishes, condolences, prayers, visits and contributions during the recent homegoing of his grandmother, Mrs Olga Koh (97 years old) on 5 Jan 14.


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