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Scripture Memory: Hatred and Love.
VERSE : Proverbs 10:12 
"Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins."

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O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

31 March 2013
7 am Combined Easter Service:
Rev Colin Wong (Is It Possible for God to Raise the Dead? Acts 26:8)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Calvin Loh (Christ, the Resurrected Lord; Jn 20:19-31)

7 April 2013
8 am Worship Service:
Rev Quek Keng Khwang (Victory Over Worldly Rivalry, Jas 4:1-10)
1045am Worship Service:
Rev Colin Wong (Victory Over Worldly Rivalry, Jas 4:1-10)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Dn Joel Seah (Christ in the Old Testament, Lk 24:44)

* * *


I was born into a Christian family and have been attending Life BP Church since young. Throughout my years in Life BP Church, I have learned God’s Word but the truth is I have never really applied it well enough in my life. Despite all my inadequacies and lack of application of God’s Word, the Lord has blessed me over the years and has been by my side through many trials and tribulations.

It is hard to explain when exactly I realized I truly believed in God and accepted him as my Lord and Savior and a more apt way of describing how I accepted the Lord as my Savior would be the culmination of all my various experiences over the years; I have come to believe in Him and can feel Him close to me especially in times of trials. In times of trouble and need, I could always feel the Lord helping me as I am able to overcome the obstacles I encountered (1 Corin-thians 10:13). I have always been reading the Bible regularly since young through daily passages from the Daily Bread but it was only in the last couple of years that I began to really study the Bible via regular meditation on the various books in the New Testament especially. It really opened my eyes as I realized there is so much to learn from the Bible and it has really been my guide over the last few years. Despite having accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I did not fully grasp or understand the importance of baptism until recently, when over a lunch meeting with a close friend and fellow brother in Christ, he enlightened me with a verse, Matthew 28:19. I went home and studied the verse carefully and realized baptism is essential to being a Christian as it signifies our submission to Jesus Christ and our willingness to live according to His way. Having been a Christian for the best part of my life, I have sinned and not acted in a way that is pleasing in God’s sight. I have always felt ashamed that despite all the sins I have committed, the Lord has still blessed me through the years and continued to help me through difficult times. All these years, I have put baptism on the backburner as I did not feel that it was an important step in my growth as a Christian. After finally realizing the importance of being baptized, it was time for me to awake from my slumber and turn away from my sinful ways, and finally start living a life that reflects Christ in me (Galatians 5:16-22). Another verse that means a lot to me is one that our late Pastor Rev Timothy Tow quoted in one of his sermons; the verse is Romans 8:28 and this verse has really resonated with me and helped me trust in the Lord always.

Through my Bible study, I have meditated greatly over the last couple of years on the following passage, Galatians 5:22; I have been striving to nurture the virtues of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. I believe baptism will be a huge step for me in my growth as a Christian and my quest to develop these 9 virtues. Amen. —Gideon Chia Yong Shern

I was born in a non-Christian family. My parents were free thinkers and they didn’t impose any religion on me and my siblings. When I was studying in primary school, I was exposed to many different religions through communication with my schoolmates. I believed that a God exists, but he exists in different forms in the different religions. He is a universally common God.

During my university years, I was introduced to a charismatic church and came to know about God. Through the various sermons and cell group meetings, I was exposed to Christianity and I enjoyed going to Church to worship God. I accepted Christ and I said the sinner’s prayer in 2002.

Subsequently, I entered the workforce. Through the influence of colleagues, I believed that the way to happiness and fulfillment in life is to work hard and earn lots of money to obtain a sense of security. I concentrated on my job so much that I was even working during weekends and started to skip church service on Sundays. Eventually, I backslided and stopped attending church.

One year after I stopped attending church, a tragedy struck my family. My uncle contracted a prostate infection. He had to be hospitalized for a period of time. We had to rush to the hospital at 3am one night and the doctor told us to prepare for the worst. My family was shocked and saddened by this sudden event. It happened too fast and we were unable to accept it.

It was in that intense state of sorrow that I cried out to the Lord. "Why him, Lord? Why must this happen to my family?" It was at this moment that I started to pray. I prayed that my uncle will recover from the illness and my family will be happy again.

Miraculously, my prayers were answered. My uncle was discharged from hospital after a few weeks, and his health was restored after a few months. He is now 72 years old and is able to walk and even drive around.

Upon my uncle’s recovery, I truly believed that our Lord Jesus Christ is our true and living God and that we should not pray to him only during the bad times, but also during the good times. I also believe that one will be richly blessed by the Lord if one commits all personal issues to prayer.

I thank the Lord for bringing me to Life Church. I appreciate the lessons taught during the catechism classes and I am glad to be worshipping God again every Sunday. 
 Inicious Lee Mong Chew

I grew up in a Christian family, and as such I have been going to church every Sunday with my parents even as young as a little child. I attended the Sunday school classes at church week after week, and was told many Bible stories. I also studied in mission schools throughout my primary and secondary school education, and so, we had daily morning devotions being shared just before the start of school every day. I said the sinner’s prayer when I was in Primary Two and felt that ever since then, from that day onwards, I had an "inner conscience" which guided me right from wrong (It was only years later that I learnt that that was actually the gift of the Holy Spirit that one is given, which fills his heart, when he repents and believes). I continued to attend church weekly; however I did not feel the calling to be baptized at all during that time. I had a misconception that Christianity was a religion in which we praise God emotionally through worship songs, and that would be how God would be pleased.

It was only until I learnt that one of my close friends is attending Life church and was invited to join the Youth Fellowship (YF). I remember how I was very enlightened by the message that was spoken during YF that week and was even more encouraged as I saw how serious the people in YF were about God especially during the discussion after the message. It was such a pleasant first-time at YF, that I decided to stay on in Life church to attend the weekly YF and services. Through attending YF and Sunday services, I have learnt so much more about the Bible, about Christianity, what our roles as Christians are and most importantly, all my misconceptions about Christianity has been cleared. Each week as I attend service, I began to feel that stronger calling to attend the catechism class and be baptized. I am thankful that attending catechism class has helped to deepen my understanding of the Trinity, salvation and the importance of Christian growth.

Today, I know that I am a saved Christian who strives to please and glorify God and I know that it is only by His grace and mercy that I can receive this gift of salvation and testify before the congregation that I am a Christian, born again. — Ooi Yu Hui

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…"

This was one of my mom’s favorite songs and she used to sing this song to my sis and I during bedtime when we were growing up. Sadly, my mum never came to believe in Christ. Looking back at these 21 years of my life, I think this song symbolizes my life’s journey as a believer.

My parents are non-believers and I only came to know and accepted the Lord through my sister and a friend who introduced me to Calvary Pandan church when I was 15. Growing up, my parents were hesitant to allow me to be baptized as they felt no need for me to be ‘officially’ in the faith.

My sister left to do her post graduate studies when I was 17 and has been working in the US since and I felt that my walk with God has also been affected due to the lack of guidance and support. In addition, after the VPP movement in Calvary, the church congregation split and it was then that I stopped going to Church altogether. Then I realized I became a Christian who would only search for God in times of trouble and forsake Him in good times. Yet, Christ is always so gracious and merciful and always answers my prayers in His time and through the people around me.

My desire to be closer in my walk with Christ grew stronger and I felt His presence during the start of my university days and it was then that I started attending Life church and being involved in fellowships in school.

"How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed…"

Because of my close relationship with my parents, I have been holding back baptism for a while as an act of respecting their wishes and now that I am past 21, I felt that I am ready to be baptized and thanking God that my parents no longer disagree as well. They have in fact been supportive as well. Throughout my walk with God, I learned the importance of fellowship, of prayer and of praising the Lord in the storm. Even though the Lord took away at times, He gave me much more than He took away.

I am indeed a sinner and it was by God’s grace that I am saved through Jesus Christ. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9).

The moment I believed and accepted Christ as the Captain of my ship was the moment the empty void inside me was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Now, I’m no longer afraid of what the future might bring because replaced in me is a rock of security, inner peace and the knowledge that the Lord has plans to prosper me, plans to give me hope and a future that will be as rewarding as it will be good. When I am weak, He is strong. May I love the Lord with all my heart and obey His word and commandment always.

"I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see…" Amen. —Cassandra Chen Siyun

I was born in a Christian family and I have been brought to church by my parents since I was young. As a small kid at that time, I just obeyed my parents and went to church every Sunday. But I often forgot the motive of going to church. I used to think that going to church is fun because I can meet my friends there. I didn’t know the true meaning of going to church. Going to church seemed to be a weekly routine. I had always thought that just by listening to messages, going to church, and knowing that God died for me, I am a Christian. But after a while, I realised what we need is faith. We need to believe in God and that he sent his Son, Jesus to die for us, because He loves us. Hence, we need to believe that God is the only way to Salvation. When I came to Singapore, Aunty Christina introduced me to Life B-P church and I would often come to church. But at times, I would rather stay at home and slack instead of going to church. Sometimes I would even give unnecessary excuses for not going to church. However, Aunty Christina often encourages me to attend church activities such as: Sunday School, LTF etc. She also often told me spiritual stuff which moved me and touched my heart as I was able to see how great God’s love to us is. I also saw how much Aunty Christina loves God. At that point of time, I felt that I was so evil because God loved me so much yet I didn’t want to spare a little time for God. Since then, I always try my best to go to church regularly. I realised that going to church is important as we need to worship God and build our relationship with Him. We also need to have a vital and good relationship with God.

Last year was my PSLE year, which is considered one of the major exams. For the first few exams on 2012, I scored quite well for my subjects. But I forgot to truly thank God for it, as I only thought of myself at that period of time. I had always thought that as long as I study hard, I will do well. But for my preliminary exam, which was 1 month away from PSLE, I scored very badly as I was feeling proud of myself. I started to be angry with God as I thought it was unfair. It was after that I realised that it’s all God’s work that I am able to score well for my previous exams. I realised that I had been neglecting God all this while. It was then that I started to work hard for my PSLE, but of course, I didn’t neglect God anymore. When I got back my result, I was very happy with my result and thanked God for it as I knew that it was not really what I deserve. So now, I know the true purpose of going to to church and that building a good and vital relationship with God is very important. —Fidelia Beatrice Alvina

I was born into a Roman Catholic family in the Philippines. We prayed to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. I am married with 3 young children; my eldest son is 5 years old. I decided to work abroad because of financial problems and I also wanted to be away from my husband, who has hurt me a lot. I always told him: "I can forgive you but I cannot forget what you have done to me."

I informed my very close uncle of my plan to work in Singapore. He was once a Roman Catholic but became a Christian. He always shared the Word of God with me, but I kept ignoring him. But now I know that God had always been with me. Before I left for Singapore, he said, "I pray that you will have a Christian employer."

I arrived in Singapore in March 2012. It has not been easy for me during this period as I always missed my children. Every Sunday my employer will bring me to church as they are Christians. My ma’m always shared the Word of God with me and this helped me to slowly understand more about God. I am thankful to God as I have a very good employer. I work for a family of 4 persons and they treat me well.

By attending church services at Life Bible-Presbyterian Church, I understand the Bible better. God has changed my life and I now know what is the right faith and what is the wrong faith. "Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" (John 14:6). I have also learned to forgive and forget and there is no more bitterness in me towards my husband.

I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. I realise that I am a sinner and can only be saved by His grace. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: It is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." (Eph 2:8,9) —Ma. Victoria Bernales

I CAME FROM a traditional Chinese family which prays to Guan Yin and burns incense to our ancestors. Before coming to Life Bible-Presbyterian Church, I struggled with issues, in particular the seeming inequalities of life and different treatments that each person on earth had to receive. I often discussed Christianity with a few close Christian friends but these conversations ended without any conclusion and with me being more confused and critical of the "Christian beliefs." I was also a judgmental person, as I sometimes deemed myself as a "better" person who participated in volunteer activities, was well-mannered and well-received by others. Henceforth, I was critical of others and judging people based on their character and behaviour. During times of emotional need, I often looked to Guan Yin for assurance and comfort. However, as time passed and I had more discussions with my Christian friends, my belief in Guan Yin faltered. I realized that I didn’t know which "God" to believe in and also the words of my friends were beginning to make me yearn to find out more about Christ.

There was no exact turning point in my life. What I felt was a gradual but sure change. I first started attending Life Bible-Presbyterian Church with what I thought was an "open mind". However, the sermons pricked my heart as I felt the urgency to find out the "crux" of believing in Christ. Then I started meeting with Brother Mark Chen. During these sessions, I told Brother Mark of my doubts and he answered them with great patience and with a strong belief in Christ. Slowly but surely I started to see that indeed, God is good. I realized that I was too ignorant and much too unwise to understand the works of God. God has His own plans of which I can never be too grateful of, of which I can never be able to understand. I started to pray to Him for guidance and indeed, I started to see His goodness, His grace, His kindness in the days He planned for me. I started to see that I am indeed a sinner like any other. There is no such thing as a big sin or a small sin – each sin is as bad as another and we can only look towards God for His guidance and mercy.

I pray for God to continue to guide my life and use me as a tool to bring my loved ones to Christ as well. I believe that one day this will happen. I just need to pray and place my trust in God. —Yeap Shi Yi

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The Art and Science of Understanding the Bible 
by Dr Timothy Okman Ki

24-29 June 2013 (Mon-Sat) at Beulah MPH 

8.30 am - 1.00 pm (Mon - Fri)
7.30 pm - 9.30 pm (Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri)
Details are available at www.lifebpc.com.
Please complete registration forms available at the reception counter and place them in the box, together with payment.

Closing date: 15 May 13.

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YAF seminar on 
Israel: God’s Chosen People

How does the history of Israel relate to Bible prophecy and world events? What is God’s Will for Israel in the last days and how does it relate to us? "Come and hear the amazing account of an extraordinary nation that survived 4 major wars after its independence and its people were supposed to be exterminated during the second world war but it is still a significant nuclear power today ."

If you would like to learn more about what God has planned for His people, do join YAF for a seminar by Rev Jack Sin on 20 Apr 13 at Beulah MPH from 3-6pm. Contact: Daniel Wong, 98397007.

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1) Prevention of Theft: Worshippers are advised to watch their belongings in the church premises to avoid losing them.

2) There will be a book table today during Easter breakfast by Fide Vitae.Those who would like to use their book vouchers to claim their Memory Verse and Sunday school prizes may do so.

3) Corrigendum for Devotional "Morning by Morning" (Vol 1): The last para is incomplete. Missing words at bottom of Page 92 (March 31), "...that our sin should have cost Him so dear."

4) Our condolences to Flora, Sock Khim and Christine on the homegoing of their brother, Pastor Lau Chin Kwee (61 yrs), on 24 Mar 13.

5) Congratulations to: (1) Samuel Teo and Carine Goh on the birth of a baby girl on 18 Mar 13. (2) Mr & Mrs Colin Tan on the birth of a baby girl on 25 Mar 13.


Vision & Mission


To build a united church family that is committed to making disciples through Salvation, Sanctification and Service, to the glory of God.

Verse for the Week

February 18 & 25 - Fruit of Obedience

If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. John 15:10