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Scripture Memory: True Wisom.
VERSE : Proverbs 9:10 
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."

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O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

6 January 2013
8 am & 1045am Worship Service:
Rev Charles Seet (The Victory that James Found in Christ, Jas 1:1)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Quek Keng Khwang (I Want to be Perfect in Christ, Col 1:27-28)

13 January 2013
8 am Worship Service:
Rev Colin Wong (Victory in the Midst of Trials, Jas 1:2-8)
1045am Worship Service:
Rev Quek Keng Khwang (Victory in the Midst of Trials, Jas 1:2-8)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Charles Seet (Christ, Supreme in Our Life, Heb 1:1-14)

* * *


A FEW MONTHS before I was approached to co-head the food committee for this year’s YF camp, I was praying to God to grant me an area of service. Apart from my brief service stint in the Children’s Ministry during my secondary school days, I did not take up any ‘official’ role in service. I figured I was not well-equipped or ready for anything of that sort, especially since I was irregular in my attendance during my Lively Teens Fellowship (LTF) days.

About two years ago, I made a resolution to attend the Youth Fellowship (YF) more frequently, and it has been such a wonderful experience ever since. In addition to the thought-provoking messages, the friends made have been nothing short of a blessing. The sweet Christian fellowship extends beyond the YF session and is not limited to the few hours on Saturday alone. We carried each other’s burdens, prayed and learned God’s Word together. I was growing spiritually (albeit slowly), and it finally gave me the confidence to ask God to lead me to an area of service.

Serving in the YF Camp Committee was a good, learning experience. Of course, all learning experiences necessarily involve challenges, and this was no exception. I was constantly plagued with the fear that the food would not be delivered on time, that campers would be underfed or unhappy with the meals. Moreover, I found myself missing several messages and discussion sessions as I had to constantly liaise with the food vendors, receive and account for the food packets as well as clean and maintain the kitchen area. Along with several other disappointments, I grew frustrated with the aspect of serving as I seemed to be missing out on ‘joys of the camp’. I was exhausted.

However, God is good and gracious. During camp, He provided a brief period of time for me to rest and reflect on my service thus far. In the midst of the rush and hectic activity, I had lost focus and my sole motivation of service. I went to camp with many expectations of how I wanted to benefit from the camp (e.g. Learn many lessons from the messages). When those expectations were not fulfilled, I became discouraged.

I began to recall the reason why I chose to serve: For God. I had become too concerned with what others would think of the menu and as a result stressed myself over minor details. Moreover, I had failed to listen to God’s still voice in the midst of the rush – He was teaching me precious lessons from my service which I had not expected to learn.

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him and providing me with a very helpful co-head of the food committee. Knowing that God is in control of everything, it was a great joy serving our King and I look forward to many service opportunities in the future. ~ Deanna Heng

GOD is bigger than Murphy. I’m sure we are all familiar with Murphy’s Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". This year, Murphy was all around us in camp but God is bigger than Murphy.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." – Romans 8:28

There are so many things to thank God for in this YF Camp. As a co-head in the games committee, Ryan and I knew that most of our games were dependant on the weather holding up. We convened our campers to pray for us and for good weather so that we can proceed on with the games and we thank God for answering our prayers.

On the first games day, which was water games, it started raining at 2pm and ended at about 4pm. This was the exact timing we played our games. God indeed had the bigger picture in mind. We thank God that it wasn’t a thunderstorm. It was just rain and since it was water games, the campers were going to get wet anyway. We thank God for keeping the campers safe and no one fell sick after the water games.

During our night games, one of our stations wasn’t set up properly but we thank God for providing the camp committee with good and capable people who are able to set things up quickly and make changes to the games. We thank God for the station masters who were quick on their feet and able to improvise some of the games to make it fun and more appealing to the campers.

On our final day, God was gracious to hold back the rain. We were having our Amazing Race and we were out of church. We were afraid that if there was rain, one of the stations could not be completed as it was at the Botanic Gardens. Thank God for giving us wonderful weather. On top of that, the game involved a certain degree of running, catching and we thank God for keeping the campers safe.

I thank God for His provision and His kindness towards the games committee. Our Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways. All praise to God! ~ Josiah Tan

AS THE GAME of Angels and Mortals went, one of the clues given to each camper was their mortal’s favourite place in Singapore. My favourite place to be in Singapore, among others, is Life Church. Church had always been a place where my mind could almost be completely away from most distractions, worries and burdens in the daily hustle and bustle of life.

It seemed very much like yesterday when YF Camp 2011 had ended, and I looked forward to this year’s camp bringing the mindset of being involved just as a participant – to be more on the receiving end than to give through service. However, God had evidently planned otherwise in bringing forth opportunity for service as discussion leader, and a role to unofficially assist in leading dorm devotion (something I had no prior experience in). Worry, nervousness and feelings of inadequacy naturally came at the thought of having to fulfil these roles.

However, my perspective was changed upon realization that God ultimately leads – hence I was merely a facilitator and more importantly, a servant to God and fellow campers. Thank God for discussion group mates and dorm mates who were rather willing to open up to each other in sharing about the things of God. I was left with deep impressions of a youngest member in my discussion group who, despite her youth, was not afraid to voice her doubts for clarification.

Praise God for the time at camp – an experience that was deeply sobering through the four messages about the fear of the Lord, while at the same time light-hearted through games, and the skit presentation by our various groups on managing conflicts based on biblical principles. It was eye-opening to have fellowship and interaction with a much different mix of brethren (such as the more youthful teens from the LTF) compared to who I’d usually interact with in church.

The fear of God – the healthy reverential regard and awe for the person, word, and work of God in all that He is, says or does to or for us – was a trait sparsely existent in me throughout the year. Many distractions had swept me away into gross (and I really mean gross) idolatry, which prevented me from drawing close to God, let alone fear Him. As such, God was neither the top nor the least among my priorities in my daily living.

I was ashamed to find myself guilty of making idols out of the entire list highlighted during the third message on The Obstacles to Fearing God: self, wealth, work, play, leisure, pleasure, prestige, power, position, worldliness and people. A major struggle I was confronted with this year was a sore addiction to my smartphone that nearly cost me my studies and everything else to spiral downhill. It was truly by God’s guidance and grace that I was able to walk out of this idolatry. Thank God for reality checks from family, and the prayers, concern and encouragement from some sisters in church. I am also immensely grateful for answered prayer in allowing me to progress into the next stage of my studies.

The many biblical examples of fearing God, such as the midwives as told in Exodus 1, showed that a healthy fear of God led the believer to take action for the purpose of glorifying our Heavenly Father. YF Camp has gone so far as to equip fellow campers with the biblical knowledge of fearing God. Taking action is the hard work that comes in the days ahead when commitment is made to strive to put this knowledge into practice, which requires effort and much prayer.

This brings to memory what my sibling once told me, that life as a Christian is never smooth or easy. I pray that with God’s help, I may develop a healthy reverential regard and awe for God and seek more earnestly to understand His precepts in the Bible (by committing to at least 20 minutes of concentrated daily Bible reading) and obey them. May I never lose sight of God nor cast Him aside to the least of my priorities in favour of the seemingly more alluring attractions of this world. It would be very much appreciated, dear reader, if you could keep me accountable for this and pray for me as well as for fellow campers. As the first stanza of the hymn goes:

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart;
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.
Thou my best thought, by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

May our Lord be our vision this 2013 and in the years to come. ~ Mun Kit Yeng

THIS YEAR is my second year attending the YF camp and truly thanks be to the Lord that I was able to attend this camp despite a busy December. Immediately after returning from Japan, I had to assume the responsibilities as a logistics i/c in LTF Camp and the YF Camp served also as a break for me this school holiday.

Thank God for the fulfilling messages and for the providence of Rev Jack Sin as the speaker for the camp. Through God’s Word, I learnt what it meant to only fear Him. This camp also served as a reminder for me that I have not feared the Lord enough and also helped me to identify the areas where I still need to work on and learn to fear Him. I also want to thank the Lord for blessing me with my discussion group; for providing patient and understanding discussion leaders to clear my doubts and also for discussion members who were so willing to share openly with the group.

I was also very encouraged by the care and concern shown by the campers and the camp committee, indeed the Lord is very gracious to have provided brothers and sisters in Christ to take care of me. I want to thank God for His grace upon me, that even though I ate something wrong on the second day of the camp, I recovered quickly and could enjoy the rest of the camp.

Despite being the youngest, the older ones were still willing to talk to me and I really enjoyed the sweet fellowship with the campers. The Angel and Mortal game taught me that I can show Christ’s love in the smallest of ways like writing a card/letter or even giving a gift to someone.

I thank God also for the many blessings He has showered upon the camp, through the messages, the games and even through holding the rain back on the second last day of the camp so that the campers could enjoy the Amazing Race and special night. It has been such a blessing to be at this camp and I thank the Lord for the camp committee and their service. Praise the Lord! ~Joy Tan

SERVING at the YF Camp this year as the YF camp commandant was a great joy and privilege for me. I really thank the Lord for seeing this camp committee through 7.5 months of service. We had many relatively inexperienced members in this camp committee this year, many of whom had not served God in that capacity before. So we really thank God that He brought several more experienced committee members into our midst. They were able to provide sound advice for us to move ahead with our planning.

The group of people I ended up serving with in the camp committee was rather different from what I had imagined, many of whom I had never worked with before. Yet the Lord blessed this committee with people who were committed to serving Him. Many of them were struggling with coping with their university workload or with their life in army.

When I asked them to join my committee, all of them took some time to carefully consider their ability to commit to the Lord’s work. In Luke 14:28, it says: "For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it". They counted the cost, and they decided to put their faith in the Lord. Thank God that their heavy commitments elsewhere did not deter them from serving, otherwise I would virtually have no committee at all this year, because everyone is simply so busy nowadays!

I had come up to share at prayer meeting several times leading up to this year’s YF Camp, requesting prayer for my committee members who were coping with heavy external commitments, and that they would look to the Lord for refuge and strength. Thank you for listening to my prayers and praying for my committee. We could not have coped otherwise, without the Lord’s grace and mercy.

My journey as the camp commandant was no easy one. It was my very first time serving God in this capacity. Previously I had played much smaller roles of service in the YF. I knew the YF was the right place to be every Saturday afternoon, and now I still believe that there is no better way for me to spend my Saturdays than in the house of the Lord with His people.

I committed myself to the YF when I took the member’s pledge in Oct 2011, where I pledged to commit to the YF and support all its programs and to serve in the YF. And that is the very same commitment we make to Christ when we are called as Christians. I knew I wanted to commit myself to the YF, and support it in service, but was always doubtful of my own ability, thinking that I could always take on the smaller roles of service in the YF. I was lacking in sheer ability, because I had little administrative or leadership experience behind me.

Thank God for the Christian counsel I received from those who had gone before me, and for that one Christian brother who said that we know that it is God’s will for us to serve from the inner peace we have from that decision we have made. Fact is, we are not always called to serve within our own comfort zone, but that does not mean that God cannot use us to perform His work. Nor will our motives to serve be a hundred percent pure, for the heart is vain and deceitful above all things, who can know it. But that does not mean that we should not serve, for then, who can serve?

My fellow brethren, set your focus right towards God and He will see you through all your sin, folly and mistakes. During my time of service, I was confronted with all the sins of my heart, and prayed that God would help me to overcome them. When I worry, I lacked reverence for God and the faith that He would bring everything to pass, not my vain human efforts. When I doubted my own ability to do this task, I lacked faith that God could use anyone to perform His mighty work. We must believe that if God could redeem the vilest sinner, surely he can use that sinner to do his mighty work (as in the case of the apostle Paul). When I resented the differences in opinion shared on the way of doing certain things, I lacked humility to admit that there is much we can learn from others, and failed to see the blessing of having someone of a different viewpoint. We are all still a ‘work in progress’, and through service, we see all the more how sinful we are and by God’s grace will grow even surer of our faith through our experiences and encounters with God.

Thank God for this opportunity to serve Him and for seeing me through. ~ John Lim

"THE FEAR of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding" (Proverbs 9:10). And as the author of Ecclesiastes 8:12,13 put it, there’re only two types of people in this world; those that fear the Lord and the wicked who feareth not the Lord. Throughout the camp, I was left pondering the question, "Was my life in 2012 one that was in fear of the Lord or was it a life that was self-centred, motivated by worldly desires, and unaware of the Lord’s sovereignty and nature as if He was not the ruler of all?" I thank God for the series of messages by Rev Jack Sin, messages that have convicted me of how I was deeply lacking in the fear of the Lord.

One example Rev Sin gave that left a deep impression was that of Solomon, whose fear and reverence of God was accompanied by the manner in which he prayed, "from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread up to heaven" (1 Kings 8:54). Indeed, how oftentimes the lack of reverence is shown through my communion with God. QTs for me have been frequently rushed through on the bus, with a short prayer uttered on the walk to campus and prayer before going to bed has at times lapsed into deep slumber. How little I had regarded the privilege of spending time alone with God and coming before the throne of grace to make my requests known before Him!

Rev Sin also emphasised the importance of knowing the nature of God and who He is before we could truly say that we fear the Lord as otherwise would just be irrational phobia. In my first year in university, I had often been plagued with questions about Christianity, some of which I oftentimes found hard to answer. How much do I truly know about God and His attributes such that I may confidently proclaim my faith and give an answer to anyone who asks for the reason of hope that is in me? I pray that this camp would help strengthen our resolve to learn more about God and who He is, not only that we might have true fear of Him, but also that we might tell our friends who Christ is.

I also thank God for the opportunity to serve Him this year in the camp committee and the privilege to be used as a vessel for His glory. The Lord has truly been gracious to me through the YF, firstly introducing me to YF in a YF camp two years ago. Prior to that camp, I had not been in a fellowship group, thinking that I could grow as a Christian even without fellowship with likeminded Christians. Indeed I was wrong; fellowship is a very important aspect of our Christian lives (Hebrews 10:24-25), as it is important to keep each other accountable, edify one another and share one another’s burdens, as we grow in our walk with God. And so ending the year with YF camp has truly been a blessing with the sweet time of fellowship that has been enjoyed throughout the camp.

As my discussion leader Joshua Chia, put it, it is easy to describe what we have learnt and what we ought to do, but not so easy to initiate practical steps to solve the problems we have identified and indeed, it is easy to lapse into a period of spiritual high during camp and fall back into the midst of worldly temptations after camp. May the Lord grant all of us grace as we desire to not only be hearers, but also be doers of the Word and may this verse serve to encourage all of us in this desire, "But continue thou in the things thou has learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them" (2 Timothy 3:14). Praise be to the Lord! ~Elise

2012 YF CAMP was a challenging one for me. Despite all the work that passed behind me, I had a difficult time restoring my relationship with God after months of disappearance from worship services and respective fellowship groups. I began to wonder - Have I been really thinking of what I can do with all the time during my service? So my option was to settle my personality issues. The solution was to decide where I need to spend time thinking, improving, learning, and being disciplined. Sure, the time I spent was worth the trouble. But I missed one con from the many pros I could think of. That is, solitude from God. The sorrow then began.

In the time I was in the YF Camp, my goals were to restore my relationship with God, find new methods, and try integrating them into my lifestyle, and also to try to be more open-minded. But most important, my discipline has to be focused on HIM when committing my time. It was the main factor that drove me to read God’s Word, especially after every message.

It seemed to be OK at first. But unlike any other day, improving became an obsession, a habit of making myself better than before. I wasn’t so sure if it was right, whether those months I spent in solitude were justifiable in God’s eyes, rather than continuing to worship the Lord. Was there ‘FEAR’ in my heart before the Lord? For all I know, I could have been fooled by Satan all this time. So after the dismissal of the campers to their respective discussion groups, I decided to stay and ask Rev Jack Sin, the Camp Speaker. After I explained my situation to him, he pointed me to 2 Chronicles 7:14, the verse that talks about restoring one’s relationship with God. Most likely, God was telling me to bring my sins before Him and confess them to Him. I needed to submit and seek the Lord in prayer.

So I put aside whatever I planned to do, and prayed when no one was around. Silently in my heart, I sought to be at peace with God through prayer. That moment of solitude was filled with the Holy Spirit’s presence. From doubt and fear, I became assured and FEARFUL toward God when I opened my eyes. I was neither sad nor confused that day. I knew exactly what God wanted me to do: Live a victorious life, with a fearful heart to God.

I want to thank not only the camp committee for doing this, but the camp speaker and everybody who came to the 2012 YF camp. How I will live in the fear of the Lord, will be the next step in 2013. ~ Darren Foo

I REALLY thank God for allowing me to attend this year’s YF camp as I have gained much from it. During the camp, there were Q&A sessions where we got to ask Rev Sin questions. Thank God for these sessions as they really benefited me, providing answers to questions I had but did not dare to ask.

For example, someone asked, "Why did God allow some people to die and not just save all men?" If I hadn’t join the camp, I would probably never know that it was because of God’s sovereign will and also so that His name would be glorified.

Thank God that this camp was also a time of reflection of my walk with Him. The messages helped me understand that the fear we Christians should have towards God should be both the terror and reverential awe of Him. I also learnt that to have this healthy fear of God, I must first have the right attitude toward God and put away the idols in my life that distract me from walking right with God. This led me to realise the countless times I had put myself before God and had not given Him His due respect as I did QT irregularly and ended up falling asleep during prayer (because I always lie down to pray).

Thank God that through this camp He convicted me of my wrongdoings and helped me to strive to go back to Him. ~ Elizabeth Wun

MY PLAN for my second YF camp was to be a participant, just like my first. God’s plan appeared to be otherwise for I was approached by John to lead dorm devotions and to chair the first message. As it was my first time serving in YF, I was definitely anxious for both roles but the Lord was gracious in seeing me through with the service of others such as Kit Yeng who was a great help for dorm devotions.

On hindsight, I realized that I had plenty to gain from these two roles. Due to preparation for the chairing, I was able to prepare myself spiritually for the camp; something I would not have done if I was not assigned to the task. Part of the preparation also included listening to ‘Bow the Knee’ about 10 times repeatedly to a point that it still played in my head throughout camp!

As for being a dorm leader, I had the opportunity of knowing my dorm mates at a deeper level – their daily struggles and obstacles in fearing the Lord and other interesting facts such as abhorrence for bean sprouts and the need to find a fringe parting after a shower. Having been greatly blessed in these ways, I am thankful for the opportunity of serving the Lord in the YF camp.

The topic ‘The Fear of the Lord’, which initially sounded theoretical to me turned out to be rather relevant as I was forced to reflect on my approach towards God throughout the past year. I became aware that I was void of the reverential fear for the Lord and was instead, taking the Lord and my salvation for granted. I had allowed things pertaining to me – my studies, friends and leisure activities to be prioritized over God.

Thus, the discussions and dorm devotions were edifying as they allowed me to identify the obstacles and the appropriate steps I should take. I was also greatly encouraged by my dorm’s attitude of fearing the Lord as everyone did their devotions – be it reading the camper’s devotions or reflecting on the previous day’s message and Bible passages mentioned by Rev Jack Sin – every single morning.

The YF camp is one of the most effective ways for one to assimilate into the YF. The interactive games and ample free time enables one to mingle and fellowship with other YFers. Having been somewhat aloof from the YF this year, I am grateful for the pleasant fellowship I had with the YFers and some LTFers. Even the clean-up on the last day was one of cheerful service as the task of wiping the sleeping mats resulted in singing a song about it and a game of ‘mat-frisbee’.

As for the camp committee, I am thankful for their constant dedication and prayer in executing a camp that enabled participants to mature spiritually and enjoy warm, authentic fellowship with each other, both of which were my objectives for attending YF camp. ~ Ong Sue Sann

* * *


Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm Venue: Beulah MPH

Mondays: The Poetic Books of the Old Testament (Rev Charles Seet)

Thursdays: The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev Ho Chee Lai).

Lectures begin tomorrow, 7 January 2013.

Please complete registration forms available at the reception counter and place them in the box.

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Men’s Fellowship Meeting

11th Jan 2013 (Friday, 8pm)

at Life B-P Church’s Greek & Hebrew Room

Speaker : Rev Tan Eng Boo

Topic : "Love Your Wife Sacrificially"

Scripture text: Eph 5: 25-27

* * *

1) Memory Verse Review No. 4. A written review exercise of the verses is obtainable at the front counter. Review No. 1, 2 and 3 is also available for those who missed it. Please submit by 13 Jan 13.

2) 2013 Life B-P Church Camp will be held from 17-20 June 2013 at Bintan Lagoon, Indonesia. Please apply for leave early and join us for a time of spiritual feasting as Dr Paul Choo shares on the theme "Armoured for Victory." Look out for more information when registration opens in early 2013.

3) Scripture Memory Verses 2013: "Wisdom for Daily Living". Memory verse booklets are available at the front counter.

Preaching appointment: Rev Wong at Shalom BPC, 9.00 am. Rev Quek at Life Evening Service, 6.00 pm.

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