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Scripture Memory: Salvation
Isaiah 53:5 
"But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."

* * *

O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness

22 April 2012
9 am Combined Service:

Rev Charles Seet (The Merriment of the Mourners, Mat 5:4)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Colin Wong (Faith in God that Counts, Gen 15:1-21)

29 April 2012
8 am Worship Service:

Rev Colin Wong (The Heritage of the Humble, Mat 5:5)
10:45 am Worship Service:
Rev Quek Keng Khwang (The Heritage of the Humble, Mat 5:5)
6:00 pm Evening Service:
Rev Jack Sin (Spiritual Obligations and Privileges of Believers, Heb 13:1-12)

* * *


By Calvin Loh

The Humble Beginning

In 1965, a group of Lifers was travelling to Cameron Highlands for their annual church camp when a serious road accident occurred, resulting in the death of the aunt, wife and daughter of the late Pastor Timothy Tow.

To some people, it was a sad and tragic event that should never have happened. But God knew better. In His loving wisdom, He had allowed it to happen so that much good may come out of it eventually. The Chinese Service was started a few months later as a direct result of this event.

Initially, a small group of brethren gathered on the Lord’s day afternoon in the Chinese Service Hall to worship the Lord. Due to the shortage of manpower, much of the work in the Chinese service e.g. Chairing the worship service, preaching, writing and printing of the Chinese weekly...etc were done by the brethren themselves. Pastor Peter Chng, who came into full time study in FEBC later on, was then appointed as the student-pastor of the small congregation. Due to certain sad events, he was compelled to leave later on for Australia after his graduation.

The Gradual Increase

In the meantime, the Chinese Service shifted its worship time to the morning to coincide with the English service. Members from the English congregation were also encouraged to bring their Chinese or dialect-speaking parents to the Chinese service so that they could hear the gospel and worship with them in the same church. This resulted in numerical growth in worship attendance from roughly 40 to around 140 before the VPP crisis in 2003.

During Pastor Chng’s absence, speakers from other churches were invited to meet the needs of the pulpit ministry. Pastor Tow himself spoke at the pulpit and conducted the Lord’s Supper on the second Lord’s Day of every month. This arrangement continued until the year 2000, when the writer was officially appointed to be the preacher in the Chinese service.

The Blow

By 2002, everything in the Chinese Service appeared to be going well. The average worship attendance had reach around 140. Quite a number of members were also actively giving to missions and participating in short-term mission work e.g. Tanjong Pinang VBS and Kelapa Sawait VBS.

But then came the VPP crisis in 2003 that eventually tore the church apart.

Although the Chinese service was not directly involved in the crisis (since we don’t use the King James Bible), we were greatly impacted as well because some members from the English service who were sympathetic to the late pastor Timothy Tow and the VPP teaching left the church and pulled out their Chinese-speaking parents together with them. Some Chinese service members also departed from us.

This resulted in a sudden drop in the average worship attendance from 140 to about 95 people. It was indeed a very difficult and painful period for the Chinese service as many aspects of the ministry were affected, not to mention the fellowship among the brethren that was broken. But the Lord was with us throughout the whole ordeal.

The Gradual Restoration

Today by the grace of God, the Chinese service has more or less recovered from this injury. While quite a number had left us for one reason or another, the Lord has brought new families and friends into our midst, especially after we moved to the multi-purpose hall in Beulah House.

Furthermore, many members (both old and new) are also gradually becoming more active in the various ministries of the Chinese service.

What of the Future?

Looking ahead into the future, what does the Lord have in mind for the Chinese Service of Life Church? There are many things that the writer can speak of, but allow him to just share two things.

The first thing concerns the transformation of the Chinese service.

During the last few years, one of the things that God has impressed upon us is the need for the Chinese Service to move away from a congregation that ministers primarily to the aged Chinese and dialect-speaking parents to a congregation that ministers to members across the whole age spectrum. In other words, there should be a healthy proportion of children, young people, adults and senior citizens within the congregation.

We believe that this transformation is crucial because we cannot keep relying on the present generation of leaders to lead the congregation. We need to prepare the next generation of leaders by looking out for more faithful men from within the congregation and training them to take on more responsibilities in the Chinese service.

In line with the aim of preparing the next generation of leaders, the Chinese service is also gradually giving more emphasis to family life by encouraging the fathers to lead at home in family worship and devotion. We believe that the family is the training ground for the future leaders of the church.

It is our earnest prayer that one day we may be able to choose leaders from among the Chinese congregation, whom we know intimately, and will also serve among us.

Besides the transformation of the Chinese congregation, another thing that the Lord has impressed upon our hearts of late is the need to beef up the visitation ministry to our members. This came about as the leaders realised that there is a gradual increase in the number of members who are unable to come to church for worship due to sickness and old age.

At present, holy communion is conducted at the homes of these sick or elderly members on a monthly basis. But the leaders are in the process of reviewing the various ministries of the Chinese service to see how we can increase the frequency of these home visits.

It is our sincere desire that the visitation ministry can bring much comfort and encouragement to these brethren.

* * *

VBS 2012 (5-7Jun); "Mission Possible"

Registration opens for all N2-P4 children.

Closing date: 6 May. Teachers and helpers needed. 
Registration forms are obtainable at church’s front entrance or register online www.lifebpc.com/vbs. Sign up now! 
Contact: Rev Quek@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
NOTE: VBS Teachers/Helpers Briefing @ Beulah House: 
20 May 2012, 12.30pm-3pm. (Lunch provided). 
Attendance is Compulsory

* * *


Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm Venue: Beulah House.

Mondays: Historical Lessons from the Ancient and Medieval Church (Rev Jack Sin)

Thursdays: The Epistles of Peter: Triumph & Truth (Rev Isaac Ong)

Lectures begin on 16 Jul 12.

* * *


Spiritual Insights into The Minor Prophets by Dr John A Battle. 18-23 June 2012 (Mon-Sat), 8.30 am – 1.00 pm at Beulah House, 10 Gilstead Road.

Details are available at http://www.lifebpc.com/erbl.htm Please complete registration forms and place them in the box, together with payment. Closing date: 16 May 12.

* * *

Life B-P Church Camp 2012 (11-14 Jun, Mon-Thu)

To register, please log in to http://www.lifebpc.comchurchcamp2012.htm for online registration.

Venue: Nirwana Resort Hotel, Bintan, Indonesia. Theme: ‘One in Christ, Unity in Diversity’.’ Speaker: Pastor Tan Soon Yong from Fishermen of Christ.

Registration forms are also available at the front entrance for those who have no internet access.

* * *

1) Bus Shuttle Service from Newton MRT to Beulah House.The Chinese Service bus shuttle service between Newton MRT and Beulah House is now open to all.

Incoming (boarding at Newton MRT taxi stand - on the side heading towards Orchard Rd). 9.30am to 10.40am (15mins interval). Outgoing (boarding at Beulah House driveway shelter). 12.05pm to 12.30pm (15mins interval)

2) Evangelism Workshop. Sat, 19 May & 26 May 12 (Sats), 9am to 5pm. Chinese Service Hall. Title: Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship. Facilitators: John Ching, Tan Thiam Hong, Ong Beng Hong. Registration from 8-29 Apr, forms available at front entrance. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. *Lunch provided.

Preaching appointment: Rev Wong at Thai Service, 4 pm and Evening Service, 6 pm. Rev Quek at Life BPC Chinese Service, 9 am.

Vision & Mission


To build a united church family that is committed to making disciples through Salvation, Sanctification and Service, to the glory of God.

Verse for the Week

February 18 & 25 - Fruit of Obedience

If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. John 15:10