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Scripture MemoryThe Power of Prayer.

VERSE: James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” 

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O Worship the LORD in the Beauty of Holiness


28 January 2018

8am & 11am: Worship Service

Eld Ng Beng Kiong (Manifesting His Glory, John 2:1-11)

6 pm Evening Service

Rev Peter Tan (Perils of Victory, Gen 14:17-24)


4 February 2018

8am & 11am: Worship Service

Rev Quek Keng Khwang (The Cleansing of the Temple, John 2:13-25)

6 pm Evening Service

Bro Joel Seah (Fearing Man than God, Genesis 12:10-13:4)

 * * *


We praise God for the great things He has done through LTF Camp 2017 held from 12-15 December 2017! God had faithfully and graciously provided us with His camp speaker Pastor Tan Soon Yong who delivered God’s Word along the Camp theme, “kNOw Fear”. It was a blessing to see God use a team which had initially feared how the commitment required of being on the camp committee would affect their major exams, to eventually experiencing the joy of serving together and learning that we can be fearless if we fear Him alone.


To share on the important messages God had used His servant to embolden us in the Lord, consider Pastor Tan Soon Yong’s address on his Camp messages on the life of Peter the Lord’s disciple (in italics):


Peter - the disciple with the foot-shaped mouth.


The Bible is brutally honest when describing the life and struggles of followers of the Lord Jesus. From spectacular successes to terrible tragedies, we get the full spectrum of all that we would face as modern day disciples. Peter is a prime example of one whose life is portrayed rather fully and most genuinely for us on the pages of Scripture. He swung from times of reverent fear of God, to fearlessness that came from faith in Christ, to the perils of fearlessness borne of ignorance and self-confidence, to abject fear due to practical godlessness. These episodes in Peter’s life were written down for our instruction, so that we may receive warning and encouragement to live both fearfully and fearlessly for Christ.


History tells us that Peter was martyred for the sake of the Gospel, and of the Christ that the Gospel proclaims. One whose walk with Christ was so full of the highs and lows of faith ended up glorifying God in his death. This proves the power of the grace of God to utterly preserve those who are His. That same grace, of the same faithful God, is at work in each and every believer of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Thus, we have every confidence that we can live up the paradox of our camp them - kNOw Fear!


Continuing in this article are the testimonies of our campers who had experienced God’s transforming power in their lives. We know that this same God who strengthened us during LTF Camp 2017 continues to be at work in us, and is able to do so for your life, keeping you from falling, presenting you faultless before the glory of His presence with exceeding joy (Jude 25). On behalf of the LTF and Camp committee, we thank you for your prayers and support as fellow-labourers in the Lord for LTF Camp 2017.


Fidelia Beatrice Alvina


LTF Camp 2017 was fulfilling and I managed to learn much from it. I thank God for the messages that were shared by Rev Tan Soon Yong on the life of Peter and also for a talk session shared by Dn Peter Koy. Even though there was a wide gap in age between those that are 12 years old and those who are 18 years old, both the younger and older teens were able to learn many spiritual lessons throughout the camp. I was reminded on the importance of putting my trust in God, not fearing whatever that may come.  

I am a person who tends to worry a lot and control every detail of my life. However, I forget that God is actually the one who is in charge and there is no need to fear for He has already planned the path that is before me. I am reminded to continue to trust in God and rely on Him even as I sit for my ‘A’ levels this year. This year, I served as the camp commandant. At the start of the year, I wondered whether I should serve God in this area for I was afraid that I may not be able to cope with school and service. I thank God that I accepted this role and was able to learn many spiritual lessons from it. As the camp commandant, I had to lead in the planning and execution of the camp itself. Many times, I prioritized my studies over my service to God. It was very easy for me to just rely on my own strength and do whatever that was needed, seeing it as just another thing that I need to do, instead of service to God. I thank God for the people around me who reminded me to seek God in prayer constantly.

Despite my inadequacies, God was still faithful to be willing to work through me so that the camp was one that was glorifying unto Him. I could see God working through the entire camp, from day 1 till the last day. God perfectly controlled the weather, kept everyone safe and worked in the hearts of many throughout the camp. Initially, I thought that I would be stressed out during the camp, fearing what may come. However, God proved me wrong as He saw me through the entire camp, enabling it to be a camp that was smooth-sailing.  

I thank God that the camp committee was able to focus more on spiritual things instead of pinpointing the faults of one another during the camp. This camp has truly taught me many valuable lessons and I did not regret taking up this role. May God continue to work in our lives such that the lessons learned will not be forgotten, but be applied to our lives. Once again, I truly thank God for this camp!


Thaddeus Ho


I would like to thank God for LTF Camp 2017 which was the week before I collected my ‘N’ level results. Before this camp, I had things to do like finding jobs for experience. I wasn’t really looking forward to LTF Camp based on my part time work because I was very busy and had to apply leave from work. I would like to thank God for a wonderful time of fellowship, messages by Pastor Tan Soon Yong about Peter’s struggles, and even outdoor games, where I was able to meet new friends and get to know more about them. Thank God for keeping all of us safe despite the rain. 

On the last day, I spoke about the important lesson I have learnt from the camp theme, kNOw fear. “If you know how to fear God more, then you will have no fear. Proverbs 3:5-7: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord and depart from evil.” These three verses remind me of how God has spoken to me through the camp.


Jireh Loo


Who are we really? Not just the meanings of our names, nor the occasional identity of “Christians” we like to associate ourselves with, but what He has purposed us, individually, specifically, to be. I have often found my identity within my areas of comfort and achievements, and so often assumed my desires to be what God wants of me. The immense fear of both His wrath and glory has been smudged with the passing of time, and the callous of sin and stagnant, complacent Christian living had formed significantly. For Simon, an entirely different life followed his encounter with Jesus, one fully changed and aligned with God’s purposed identity for him: Cephas, Peter, the rock. This leads to a great reminder of the proper continual response to salvation, as Romans 12:1-2 says, to “present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God who is our reasonable service. And to be not conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds, to prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God” [adapted].  

So common it is to rely on myself to step through the storms in life, a fight for control of the uncontrollable, which has led to a single conclusion – that God is God of all, and we are nothing close to who God is. To even fathom through the blinds of pride that we could be something, if anything, close to understanding life and being as gods of our own life is a sure road to disaster. 

And yet the Saviour guides us back, lovingly, patiently, with promised restoration and a desire to mould us into His image. This grace and love is so undeserved and unthinkable, but what is our response? No one gets hit by a 5000-pound truck and walks off unaffected.


Daniel Ong



One lesson I learnt during LTF camp is that, “God does not view highly our abilities that He has given us, but he looks at our availability.” This truth resonated with my own experience during the camp. 

Being available to God was one thing that I struggled a lot during the time I spent preparing for the discussions/devotions for LTF camp. Even during the camp, I was very tempted to take time off, and run away from the games and the “not so important” aspects of camp to meet my friends. You see, time was something that I was “short of”. I had just completed my exams the week before LTF camp and was rushing to move out of the university hostel over the weekend. I had barely even enough time to unpack the boxes I brought home from the hostel before I needed to pack my bags for LTF camp in the next few days. What made it worse was that I was scheduled to fly off for my student exchange program in the US the week after LTF camp and thus, I really didn’t have much time to meet up with my friends before I leave. 

But I thank God for he had helped me make the right decision to commit fully to the camp (which means sleeping in the dorms, participating in all games and of course, waking up early for morning prayers). Recalling back to the time where I agreed to serve for the camp helped me decide to stay true to my commitment and be faithful in this area that I’ve been called to serve - to spend this time as best I can with the LTF teens.



This was a daunting camp for me. Firstly, I’m new to the LTF community. Even though I grew up in Life Church, I’ve only attended LTF once, as I didn’t find it very fun then. I’ve gone straight to the YF and it’s the first time interacting with people of such a young age. Hence prior to the camp, I was afraid that I wouldn’t know anybody there. (I even mentally prepared myself to play my favourite mobile phone game in the corner of the room if no one wanted to talk to me.) But thank God that the teens were extremely friendly, and they were willing to talk to me.


Secondly, it’s my first-time leading discussions. I’ve been privileged to be able to lead a few Bible studies (BS) in my years in YF. But honestly leading (BS) is much easier, as you can prepare beforehand and you can always rely on the scripture text for answers. In comparison, for this year’s LTF camp the discussion leaders were not provided with any discussion questions as the pastor wanted us to go in faith and rely on the Spirit. However, he did provide a template as to how we should think about the messages. This change from previous years made me and several of my fellow Discussion group leaders (DGLs) worried and uncertain about how we should go about facilitating the discussions.

I felt really pressured with these two factors. I prayed hard, actively pondered about things deeply and brainstormed intensely for questions that would provoke the teens to consider spiritual issues in their lives and to understand the great spiritual truths presented during the camp. For the first two days, I felt as though I wasn’t getting anywhere with the discussion and the questions. I tried hard, but I didn’t feel like I could get to the teens.

It was only on the third day that God decided to reel me in. I still remember vividly that in the concluding prayer of message 3, Pastor Tan prayed that he wanted to lead the teen to eternal life, but the job that he was trying to do was “completely beyond his pay grade”. This struck a deep chord within me, as I realized that what I was trying to do with the teens was also completely beyond my ability (and still is). I realized that I was trying to do it out of my own strength and I was going nowhere with it. The realization of my inability to help the situation made me feel like I’m stuck in in a deep hole and I could not do anything about it. In my helplessness, I could do nothing but cry out to Him for help as I was stuck. But I thank God for He helps the helpless and that He helps those who are in need. God made me see that I had to trust Him and to draw strength from Him to do this work that He has called me to do. Amazingly, things began to change, and I could see signs that the teens understood what God wanted them to know in the camp messages.

Some people may think that I’m quite old and should be quite experienced at handling these things, but in all honesty, it always feels like it’s the first time I’m doing this for God and sometimes I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. I just pray and ask the first question and let God do the rest. I’m not really in control, I just try to work with whatever God gives.



In retrospect, God planned the camp not only to touch the teens, but it was for me as well. He has shown me new insights as to who He is and taught me how I should to relate to Him. God used the various messages, sharings and discussions to clarify many questions that I previously had. One such question was, “Why can’t we walk on water today like Peter? Is it because we don’t have enough faith?” Clearly not, as having true faith requires one to believe in God and to respond to something that He has said.

I can see that God used this camp to build my faith and to remind me of that fact that God is ever so real. God will give you the strength to serve Him and will mould you for His service in the various experiences He chooses to put you through. 

“The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” He is real and He will help us if we ask Him in times of need.


Rae-ann Lim


I thank God for the privilege of attending and serving in this year’s LTF camp. It was a blessed time of fellowship, of forming new friendships and strengthening old ones in the Lord. God was gracious to grant us safety throughout the camp and He sustained the weather at the timeliest moments. Most of all, I’m thankful to God for providing us with a spiritual feast — the messages on the life of Peter resonated deeply with us as we considered how his struggles mirror our own.  

The camp theme, kNOw fear, was chosen with the prayer that we would learn to fear God and have no fear of any person or thing. This theme was something I greatly anticipated; having just finished my A levels, I feared the uncertainty of the year ahead and struggled to entrust the future into God’s hands. When we learnt of Peter faltering (whilst walking on the water) because he saw the boisterous storm, it brought to mind my own mounting fears when I turn my eyes towards daunting circumstances instead of focusing on God. Through one message, God reminded me that faith is not the absence of fear, but to trust Him in the presence of fear. It is my prayer that I may fix my eyes upon Him who controls all things and to love and fear Him above all; to bow in reverence to Him and His will and to desire only to please Him, such that the things of this world and the fears they bring hold no place in my heart.  

Another lesson that struck me was the fact that the disciples forsook all immediately to follow Jesus. Their decision reflected full submission to Jesus and, as Pastor Tan put it, the willingness to become whatever He wanted them to be for His glory. Before camp I looked at 2018 in terms of the external changes it would bring and my aspirations for the future. A question was asked during the first message that questioned this perspective: How much of my life is at God’s disposal? I was reminded that my foremost aspiration must be to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever, for all my life belongs to Him who has loved and saved me. It is my prayer that, as the song lyrics go, all I ever want to be will be what He wants of me. The following statement also struck me deeply: Unless I am willing to forsake all to follow Christ, it would be a contradiction to call Him my Lord. It was a timely reminder that all my desires, hopes and self should be surrendered to God. There is no fear in the tomorrows when I submit joyfully to Him who holds my hand through them. 

I am thankful for the precious fellowship shared and the numerous lessons learnt during camp that have equipped us to go into 2018 kNOwing fear. All glory be to God.


Samuel Quek


I thank God for the opportunity to serve in this camp again. Truly God has shown himself faithful through the 7 months of planning, followed by the 5 days of execution. In this camp, I’ve learnt to rely fully on Him, not to serve with my own efforts, but to trust in Him and all that he does. Although the attendance was the lowest in a few years, yet God blessed us with an uneventful camp; thank God that all the campers were kept safe despite it raining on the first 4 days of camp. 

I also thank God for the opportunity to hear His word from Pastor Tan Soon Yong on the life of Peter and the ups and downs he experienced: from professing that Jesus is Christ, the living Saviour, to denying Him thrice, to finally being called to “feed My sheep”. Truly, to have faith in God is to fear Him above anything else. Thank God for the timely reminder that since Jesus had laid down His life for me, I should also offer my whole life wholly to Him, anytime, anywhere. Pastor Tan provided many unique insights on many different issues of our walk with God, and it is in my prayer that I will continue to take these lessons to heart and apply them in my life as I start another year of school. Soli Deo Gloria!  

* * *

Combined Lunar New Year Service (Bilingual)

16 Feb 2018 (Fri), 9.00 am. Beulah MPH

“Pressing On” (Hebrews 11:13-16)

Speaker: Rev Peter Chng 

* * * 

1) Infant Baptism on Easter Sunday1 April 2018. Parents who intend to have their infants baptized must register by 4 March 2018. Please email to church office by giving the child’s name, date of birth and parents’ names and contact.

2) Coffee Corner - Volunteers urgently needed:

(i) On 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays from 8.30-11am. Help to prepare and serve food and drinks, clean and wash up. (ii) On selected Sundays at 7.30am to set up and at 11am to pack up. Interested, please call or WhatsApp Sis Evelyn .

3) Far Eastern Kindergarten Online Registration 2019 Intake: Pre-Nursery (YOB 2016) & Nursery (YOB 2015). Priority registration for church members: 

1-14 February 2018Register online at http://www.lifebpc.com/fekedu/registration.html

It will be on a first-come-first-serve basis after 14 February 2018. Please visit our website http://www.lifebpc.com/fekedu/ or call 6251 3676 for more information.

4) Membership Roll Update Exercise: If you are a member of Life B-P Church, please fill the form and put it in the box at the church entrance.

5) Life BPC Camp 2018Jun 11-14, at Palace of the Golden Horses, KL, Malaysia. Theme: Behold, The Glory of God, by Dr Tedd Tripp. Please register early online at www.lifebpc.com/church-camp-2018, closes on May 13 or when rooms are fully allocated.

6) Music Seminar: All church members are invited to attend the upcoming Music Seminar on 3 March 2018 (Sat), 9am to 6pm with lunch provided. Venue: Church Sanctuary. Please refer to: lifebpc.com/music-seminar for the programme and registration. Do register early. For more details, contact Dn Russell Indran . Paper forms are also located at the front of the sanctuary.

7) Hongbaos printed by Life Church are available at the front counter for use during the Lunar New Year season.

8) Our condolences to the family of the late sister Peggy Chan Poh Chin (81 yrs old) on her homegoing on 24 Jan 2018.

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