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Daniel 2:31-49


Daniel 2:31-49

Life B-P Church 8am & 11am Worship Services, 5 February 2017
(Rev Lee Hock Chin)

King Nebuchadnezzar was troubled by his dream. None of his wise men could reveal it.  But the God of heaven reveals to Daniel the dream and its interpretation.  There are 3 lessons we learn about God’s sovereignty:

1.      God Reveals Future Kingdoms (27 - 36)

a.       A statue. King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt of an awesome statue made of different materials: golden head, silver chest & arms, bronze belly & thighs, iron legs and iron & clay feet.

b.      A stone. Then a stone cut without hands pulverised the statue.

c.       A mountain. And the stone became a huge mountain that covered the whole earth. Daniel will reveal its divine intrepretation with absolute certainty.

Application: We have to be impressed with how God revealed the future kingdoms and interpretation to Daniel. God is all-knowing. He reveals these truths so that we may have full confidence that we have the truth of God’s Word. John Calvin wrote “All Scripture must be received as if God appearing in person, visibly and full majesty, were Himself speaking.”

2.      God Rules Earthly Kingdoms (37 – 43)

a)      Golden head – Babylonian (605 – 536 BC)

·         Gold is appropriate symbol for Babylon as gold is lavishly used in its pagan temples and deities.  

b)      Silver chest – Medo-Persian (536 – 331 BC)

·         As silver is inferior to gold, this empire is inferior to Babylon as it is divided between Medes and Persians. Silver coins were widely used for payment of taxes.

c)      Bronze thighs – Greek (331 – 27? BC)

·         Alexander the Great conquered enemies with bronze weapons.

d)      Iron legs – Roman  (27?BC – 476 AD)

·         Romans renowned for iron breastplate, iron swords and javelins.

e)      Iron & Clay feet– modern powers (476 AD to present / future)

·         Iron and clay, ten toes symbolize the divided kingdom around the world. Partly strong (iron), partly fragile (clay).

Application: Every prophecy of God was accurately fulfilled or will be fulfilled in His time. Kingdoms rise and fall, but God is in control (Prov 21:1). All earthly authorities are subject to God and rule only by His sovereign decree (Rom 12:2). Does God rule your life?

3.   God Redeems through Christ’s Kingdom (34-35, 44-45)

a)      Christ will come and defeat the last earthly kingdom

·         Christ the stone (Ps 118:22; Isa 28:16) will pulverise earthly kingdoms (Mt 21:42, 44; Ps 2:7-9); the rock (1 Cor 10:1-4).

Application: Every earthly kingdom opposed to Christ will be destroyed. Are you safe in Christ’s kingdom?

b)      Christ will establish an Eternal Kingdom

·         Lk 1:33, 2 Pet 1:11;  History is HIS-story.

Application:  Daniel is accurate history. Understanding history aids our understanding of our times, which are part of “His story” of redemption.  From creation to now, kingdoms come and go, but Christ reigns forever. Therefore fear God (Mt 10:28).

c)      God will reward His people

·         The king, overwhelmed by Daniel’s revelation of his dream and its interpretation, bowed and worshipped Daniel & his God. However, there is no true conversion (cf. Dan 3:1-2).

·         He also promoted Daniel and his friends (46-49).  One day all saints will reign with Christ for 1,000 years on earth (Rev 20:6b).


God’s message to Nebuchadnezzar applies to us: stop building your own kingdom. Humble yourselves before God.  Place your hope in Christ, not in your gifts, wealth or health (Ps 78:6-7). God is in sovereign control of all events of history, revealing “His story” of redemption through Christ.  Christ will return and set up an eternal kingdom. Till then, let us serve Him faithfully.




1.  As you read the Bible daily, do you receive the word of God as indeed God speaking to you?  You should. Take time daily to listen to what God says, and obey it with all your heart.


2.  God is sovereign over all kings, including king Nebuchadnezzar. Is God sovereign in your life? Are you submitting to God as revealed in His Word? 



3.  When the world events unfold day by day, are you conscious of the fact that God is fulfilling his redemption plan, and Christ will soon return and establish a millennial kingdom on earth (Rev 20:6b)? What are you doing to prepare yourself to co-reign with Christ?

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