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MARRIAGE TAKES MORE THAN LOVE by Jack and Carole Mayhall

In a day when the very institution of marriage is crumbling, when the divorce rate is climbing to astronomical proportions, when proponents of egalitarian marriages are increasing, and when even those husbands and wives who stay together are having real problems, the concerned couple is looking for real and practical answers.  

STAYING CLOSE – Stopping the Natural Drift toward Isolation in Marriage, by Dennis & Barbara Rainey

Countless married couples end up living alone – in the same house! Over 28 years of conducting “Weekend to Remember” conferences have convinced Dennis and Barbara Rainey that isolation is the number one problem in marriages today. But they believe it’s possible to overcome “marital drift” and experience the miracle of oneness. This book provides a positive, workable strategy for keeping your marriage vital and intimate. 

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF MARRIAGE – The Do’s and Don’ts for a Lifelong Covenant, by Ed Young

In words that are profound, often humorous, but always biblical, Ed Young draws from decades of counseling couples to provide 10 commandments for a lifelong marriage that sizzles. 

EACH FOR THE OTHER – Marriage as it’s Meant to Be, by Bryan Chappell

Each for the Other offers hope and invaluable instruction for married and engaged couples and for counselors and pastors who desire to promote healthy, grace-filled families. Bryan Chappell illustrates clearly how offering Christ’s unconditional love to a mate can transform an individual and build a spiritual foundation that binds partners together as one. 


For Families:

GOD, MARRIAGE AND FAMILY – Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation, by Andreas J. Kostenberger with David W. Jones

We live in a time of crisis regarding marriage and the family, and only by a return to the biblical foundation can these institutions be rebuilt. To provide an integrated, biblical treatment of the full range of marriage and family issues, the authors of God, Marriage and Family examine what Scripture says about God’s purposes for humans in their marriage and family interactions. Their examination covers the special issues stemming from marriage, childrearing, singleness, homosexuality, and divorce and remarriage. With study questions and points for further discussion, this book is a comprehensive yet concise resource for anyone seeking a Scriptural response to our culture’s complex challenges to God’s intentions for marriage and family. 


Besides our relationship with our heavenly Father, there is nothing more important than our relationship with our family. It is the building block of our churches, communities and nation. So when we neglect our families, the foundation of our churches and nation crumbles, and our homes begin to splinter. If we desire to fulfill God’s calling in our lives and to make a difference in others’ lives for eternity, then we must start within our families. Whether single or married, with children or not, we all have a part in God’s calling to build strong spiritual families. In this book you will find challenging, encouraging words on key issues ranging from gender roles and sexual intimacy within marriage to raising masculine boys and feminine girls, as well as the practical concerns of renewal in your own home and effective mentoring within the church and community. 

THE FAMILY WORSHIP BOOK – A Resource Book for Family Devotions, by Terry L, Johnson

Do you struggle to provide enjoyable, meaningful and spiritual times of family devotions? Have you nagging thoughts that you should be doing something about it? Here is the solution, a book that will give you the impetus to start and the means to follow through. It answers 4 key questions -  What is Family Worship? What have other people done? Why should I do it? How can I start? 


For Singles:


Through personal anecdotes and careful examination of Scripture, Carolyn McCulley challenges single women to regard their singles not as a burden, but as a gift from God that allows them to perform a unique role in the body of Christ 



THE DUTIES OF PARENTS by Jacobus Koelman

It is one of the few Reformed books on parenting from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The goal of Koelman was to point out to parents their extremely responsible task of leading their children into a life of godliness. 


This book is about how to speak to the heart of your child. Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child’s heart into the paths of life. 


Carol Brandt provides a solid balance of theological teaching and helpful illustrations in leading our children in the Lord. Reminding us of the importance of sound biblical doctrine, she instructs parents on our unique responsibilities to teach and love our children, so that they know of their sin and of God’s sovereignty, judgement and abounding grace in Christ Jesus. 

IF YOU TAKE MY HAND, MY SON – Leading a Boy to be a Man of God, by Wayne Hastings

Spiritual development isn’t automatic. It requires desire and determination, a commitment to be involved through all the changes of your boy’s life; the integrity to be a godly model for him, the humility to bring other teachers and role models into his life, and the faith to trust your heavenly Father through the whole process. If You Take My Hand, My Son will encourage, challenge and inspire you to take the initiative in your son’s spiritual development. With insights from Paul’s relationship with Timothy, illuminating examples from his own parenting experience, and practical suggestions you can put into practice today. 

A MOTHER’S TOUCH by Elise Arndt

As a Mother-Teacher in your home, you prepare your children for life. No one can replace your love and care in their early years. And no one else can teach them, as you can, of Jesus’ love and of His world. Elise Arndt shows you how to teach your children in the everyday happenings of life. 

A MOTHER’S TIME by Elise Arndt

Your days may be filled with diapers and teething babies, or they may be filled with car pools and Little League. Either way, the demands on your time probably exceeds your supply. What is the solution to the time crunch so many mothers experience? Elise Arndt believes that our success as mothers comes in doing the will of our Heavenly Father. From Him we can learn to deal with time pressures, accomplish the important when the urgent constantly beckons, and take time to be with Him so that we may know His will for us each day. 


In today’s society, where parental authority is being compromised more than ever, this Proverbs 23:13 command may seem nearly impossible to obey. The line between discipline and abuse has been blurred and now appears to vanish. As both father and pastor, Bruce A. ray uinderstands the difficulties facing modern parents, and he points to firm, biblical discipline as the solution. In this practical guide, Ray offers direction to all parents who struggle with doubt or indecision in their roles was God-ordained disciplinarians. With timely and inspiring wisdom, he exposes the emptiness of contemporary advice on child-rearing and clearly outlines from Scripture the duties of every Christian parent. 


The book explains, in language we can all understand, the importance of laying a foundation of prayer that will sustain us all of our lives. In a step by step approach, Rick Osborne lays out a plan for working with children that meets their needs from the beginning of their lives, but the plan is just as effective for someone starting the learning process with older children. 

AGE OF OPPORTUNITY – A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, by Paul David Tripp

Paul Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting parents and their teenagers during the often chaotic adolescent years. With wit, wisdom, humility and compassion he shows parents how to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with their teenagers. 



LOST IN THE MIDDLE –Midlife and the Grace of God, by Paul David Tripp

The Bible never discusses midlife, just like it never discusses teenagers. Yet the Bible is able to unpack any of life’s experiences because it was written by the One who made them all. Life on this side of glory is hard. This world is a broken place. You will face things in midlife that beat at the borders of your faith, but you do not have to be lost in the middle of your story. You do not have to be paralysed by regret, defeated by aging, and discouraged by the passing of your dreams. This time of life, which can seem like an end of many things, can actually welcome you to a brand new way of living. As is so often the case in your walk with the Lord, this moment of pain is also a moment of grace. Because of this, we all need to occasionally step back, slow down and consider where we are going. Lost in the Middle will help you to do just that.

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Good Books on Family Worship

The Church would like to recommend the following books for Family Worship.  It is hoped that you and your family benefit greatly from reading these books and your private worship enriched. 

1.     Family Worship (by James Alexander; Ambassador Publishers)

First published in 1847, this book gives Scriptural warrant for family worship, relates the benefits of this discipline on family members, and gives practical directions for conducting family worship. An excellent and thorough treatise on this subject. 

2.     Family Worship (by Joel R. Beeke; Reformation Heritage Books)

Similar to the book by James Alexander, but more condensed. It is also more practical, with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct family worship. Also tackles our weak objections to having family worship! An excellent primer and first book to own on this subject. 

3.     Homeward Bound (by Edward A. Hartman; Christian Focus Publications)

This book aims to teach heads of homes to prepare their families for eternity. It speaks of the roles of husbands and wives; the importance of family worship and the centrality of the Lord's Day in the Godly home. 

4.     Leading Little Ones to God (by Marian M. Schoolland; Banner of Truth Trust)

An effective resource for catechizing children. Major Reformed doctrines made easy and written in simple language for parents to read out to their children. There are suggested Bible readings as well as suggested hymns for singing. 

5.     Wise Words (by Peter Leithart; Holly Hall Publications)

Stories that can be read on the Lord's Day as well as at bedtime. They bring the Proverbs to life, illustrating Biblical truths to children in easy to understand and intriguing stories.

6.     A Sad Little Dog: 52 Stories that Teach Biblical Truths (by Jim Cromarty; Evangelical Press)

52 Bible stories (one for each Lord's Day of the year) told in a refreshing manner with many illustrations and anecdotes. Good for Upper Primary children.

7.     The Catechism for Young Children with Cartoons, Book 1 & 2  (by Vic Lockman)

Two small books of doctrinal questions and answers. A good resource for starting kids early in memorizing the catechism.

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