Our Missions Endeavours

Designated Offerings

  • Where the purpose for which these were
    given have failed (e.g. contributions are
    made for cyclone relief when the need is
    no longer present) efforts will be made
    to trace donors for their permission to
    re-designate their contributions to other
    worthy causes. In the event that donors
    cannot be traced, the Church will redesignate
    such funds for missionaries,
    missions, relief work, mercy ministry, ad
    hoc projects or other needs in keeping
    with being good stewards of God’s

Missions Trips 2018

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We Have For This year:

1st Sunday of each month – a Pastor from Life BPC will minister to Batam churches
April 15-18 – Chiangmai Mission Trip. Contact Dr David Cheong
May 10-16 – Ratanakiri Mission Trip. Contact Rev Daniel Khoo or Sonny Loe
June 3 – Mission Trip to Batam by SS students/teachers. Contact Sharon Seow
June 10 – Sunday School Missionary Sunday


Financial Contribution

A Note on Offering:
We want to thank God that Lifers are very generous in their offerings towards missions. In terms of support, the church gives priority to our fully-supported missionaries and we would like you to be aligned with the church’s position when giving towards missions.
Rather than giving offerings that are designated to specific individuals or mission stations, you are encouraged to give to the Missions Fund and let the Missions Committee disburse them as it sees fit. Your understanding on this will facilitate an informed stewardship of resources for the Lord’s work in missions.


If you wish to contribute financially to missionaries, please indicate "Missions" on the envelope and drop it into the offering bags. May the Lord bless your cheerful giving.